Sunday, October 10, 2010

A little Feng Shui and move your stuff

Time to play.

Fall often means that I get the urge to rearrange things.

I had a dream the other night that my step-father, now dead, came to me and apologized for his outburst about my rearranging the family living room.

Doesn't sound like such a big deal but let me tell you when I did it, he almost burst a blood vessel. I had returned home after one year away at college and was now attending a local college in Philadelphia. To say thanks to my parents for putting up with me I decided to clean, from top to bottom, our living room. In the process, I rearranged the furniture into what I felt was a less "military" style and into a more comfortable, inviting place. It probably was. I forgot or in my youth didn't understand that even though I was living there it wasn't my home. I really didn't have the right to rearrange the furniture.

My step father was military, to the bone. He planted marigolds in straight, at attention lines .His living room had everything against the walls and nothing conducive to friends sitting down to chat together. His living room read, "state your business and then get on with your task, soldier."

I was crushed when he went ballistic. My mother quickly stepped in and said, "It won't take but a minute to get this back in order." She helped me move everything back into it's assigned place.

So, it was a really nice dream when Dan, popped in and said he was really sorry for his display of temper over the room change. He wanted me to know that CHANGE IS GOOD and HEALTHY. At ease, Corporal Bea.

I've been cleaning the front room, getting ready for delivery of our new couch. Moving things around to make room for the new TV wood stand. We never had a TV in that room before. In the process, some pieces of furniture have found new homes in new places. Both Mary and Zeus walk by and comment that it looks really nice, even though there is still a big space in the middle of the room where the sectional will go.

This morning I checked my bagua, for the house. The front room is considered the CAREER room. Water is associated with this room. All the the glass in the room is considered a water element in feng shui. Round things work well in this room. I have a large marble square, ACK, coffee table so I need to put something round on a big bowl filled with seashells.
Now, you are supposed to put things or symbols of things of the life path you want to be on.
That's probably going to have to be books. A HA, a trip to the half price store is in my future.
Famous Mixed Media and Fiber people?
Black also represents water.... The couch has black feet on it, that will work. Undulating shapes......oh, I have a light fixture that I bought that is a screen filled with undulating cocoa leaves. Must take a picture of that for you to see, it's beautiful.
The rest of the house is a perfect blueprint for a nine patch and fits well into the Feng Shui concepts.

I've talked about this stuff in the past but for some of you, a gua is associated with a life situation, color, shapes, symbols, body parts and so on. There are nine bagua areas, in a house and they have five elements assigned to them.

Oh boy, I hear you, "she's gone off again". Well, not really. I find cleaning, rearranging can be really boring, BORING. So, when I bring Feng Shui principles into PLAY it makes it less tedious and more interesting. I am not a Feng Shui Master. I have a book that I use for this kind of playing. It's called Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Karen Rauch Carter. It's an old book and I drag it out, usually every fall when I get this urge to move stuff around. Basically, I want to make sure that I put BACK the things that are necessary, in each particular room, to keep the energy positive and working.

The owner of, High Feather Ranch told us some funny stories about how her Feng Shui Master and her archirect had to work together, in the building of the ranch.

The guest rooms are off of the main living room with a beautiful bright hallway, lined with a wall of windows. The plan was to have the windows open but the Feng Shui practitioner would have none of that. Energy would just escape right out of the area. Finally, after what I gather was a lively discussion, skylights were put in that open.Somehow this was acceptable.

All I know is that at night we would open our patio door with the screens and since we were the only people staying there for two of the nights, we propped open our door and immediately there was a wonderful breeze moving through our room, through the hallway and out the main room window, that was open just a crack.

The picture, up above, is a pot that Marianna had sitting by the front door at High Feather Ranch. She was told to put it there by the Feng Shui Master that worked with her. It is filled with water, and an assortment of items, like nails and coins. That beautiful white stuff on top? It's GROWING. It's SALT. Now, is that cool or what? It's supposed to help move energy out of that corner.

Back to the front room. It's a lot of glass. It has a fireplace in there. The walls are white and the floor is wood. And, there are two entrances on either side of the room, glass doors. And, it's an accent area. AND, the formal front door is located in that area. All makes for a challenge when balancing the chi, in the room and the rest of the house.

I'll let you know how this all turns out. Now, I have to finish bringing inside my house plants. We've had really warm weather these last two days. Up in the mid 80s which is not normal for us. It's a chance for me to soap off those plants, rid them of any unwanted residents before I bring them back inside for the winter. Yesterday, Zeus helped me re pot two of them in bigger pots. I used to be able to do that kind of thing by myself. Getting older means you have to swallow your pride and ask for help.

:)Bea Who is creating while she moves furniture and cleans stuff.


  1. Your post brings back memories of my mother. She changed all the furniture around in our small home once a week. I think she dreamed of having a larger home one day and the rearranging helped her cope with the smallness.

    I love that you told of your Step father coming back to apologize. It really brings closure to a bad memory doesn't it?

    Good luck with your rearranging-I'm doing some of that too, I think it is the autumn that makes us want to change things.

  2. For me rearranging is fun! Makes the house seem new-ish. I try to use Feng Shui as much as I can, but sometimes I have to think very creatively :)
    I am looking foward to seeing the finished room...I love that kind of post. It is a gorgeous day here on the lucky date 10-10-10.
    Consintrate on what you desire...
    This is the day the vortex is opened and the possibilities are endless.
    Love to you, Bea!

  3. OK - I think that is a cool idea to have the book at hand and to work on those principles - sounds like fun. BUT, if I saw something that I thought met the FS principles but didn't look right - I'd take asthetics over FS. Do you ever have that conundrum?

    Secondly, being that I am such a visual person, I have a hard time NOT wanting you to have photographs interspersed with your descrptions, because now I feel deprived that I don't get to see what you are doing.

    I'll get over it...eventually.

    I need your address again, in the meantime.

  4. SALT! Imagine that. I was going for cauliflower and wondering how in the world it was balanced on whatever vessel that was LOLOLOL

  5. I so appreciate your sharing of past memories and vague remembrances that reappear when we begin a routine Fall cleaning ...Feng Shui is another language for me and if you could peek into my dining room you would say I might have the beginnings of a hoarder on A&E. I think performing these simple tasks are a ceremonial ritual to energize the thoughts we may have sleeping inside our memories. Imagine and Live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. I absolutely appreciate the principles of feng shui. I live in a small apartment now so it's harder to adhere, but when I lived in a house I paid more close attention to all of it.I wish I had enough room to rearrange furniture! I have to settle for rearranging my closets -- but at least that makes me happy.

  7. OH my! What a lot of salt. It's important to bury that salt and container somewhere away from your home.

    After using the principles in Move
    Your Stuff and Change Your Life (a
    very funny but effective book) to arrange my home according to my
    goals I;

    1-Sold my business
    2-Began selling my work
    3-Found a new medium to work in
    4-Now have 5 days each week to
    work at home making as much as I used to working 5.

    This stuff isn't whoo-whoo, it
    really works! Wonderful post and
    thank you for sharing that dream.

  8. Wonderful post... love Feng Shui, it really does balance out the energy in the home and get it flowing right... That bucket with the salt is amazing! I've heard of using a "water feature" to move energy around, but maybe the salt has the earth element associated with it to help...