Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let's take another ride, to Taos!

We drove up to Taos from Santa Fe. We stayed two nights in a beautiful resort/spa. Beautiful layout, beautiful landscaping but the bed was so uncomfortable I spent the two nights on the leather couch in the living room. Some time places need to have a bed inspector. Somebody that actually lays down on the bed to see if they roll to the center, you know.

Taos was busy. Lots of people wandering around the streets peering into gallery windows. I saw the most buying activity in the Plaza area which seems to house all the tourist type stores. The postcards, jewelry and mass produced items and probably the most affordable stuff. I was fascinated with the adobe buildings.
While I was sitting in the Plaza park, waiting for the resort ride to come pick me up I chatted with a local guy. He told me how long ago the Plaza square was surrounded by Victorian gingerbread style buildings. Sometime in the 1900s it was decided to rebuild the square and surround it with adobe style buildings. Good decision I guess because it's beautiful. The above picture was from a house on an off street.

You know, if you have been following me for a while that I have a lot of different loves when it comes to photography. Doors are one of them. Colorful doors, old doors, unique doors, I just love to take their picture.

This was part of the resort building. I loved the way they integrated natural materials with the building. And, the sky......well, it's blue. No clouds, just blue, gorgeous, gorgeous blue, apparently most of the time.

Here is a picture of part of two of the tops of the buildings, on the Plaza square.

I looked for fiber/quilts, wallhangings art but didn't find much except this sweet little quilt tucked into a beautiful handmade basket.

I did stop in this store and oh what beautiful yarns they had. She said they have an online site, you can probably just google the store name if you are interested in seeing what they have. I love turquoise, the stone and the color. I checked out that beautiful turquoise woven shawl hanging out front. A mere $350.00. It was beautiful though.

Another side of a store. The colorful pots on the roof just made me smile. I love adobe.
We had breakfast twice in a local cafe. Lots of interesting tourists in there. I especially like the three older ladies, well tended blonde's, in their leather pants and outside their matching, new Harley's. It's gives me hope for my senior years.
I could breathe in Santa Fe. As soon as we arrived in Taos my sinuses said, yay and closed down. Disappointing for sure. We did drive around a lot and up to about 10-12,ooo feet into the mountains. It was gorgeous, quiet, the pine trees smelled so good and the Aspen were all in fall colors of gold. I could see driving a motorcycle around on those roads.
I would have taken more pictures of the gallery shops but many had the owners or managers sitting outside enjoying the weather and they didn't seem to happy to have their picture taken or the store fronts. I asked a number of people and they didn't seem to think it would be a good idea. In one store the manager told me that I would have to get the artist's permission if I wanted to take a picture of their work. That didn't seem likely so I just put the camera away.
:)Bea Who loves the colors of New Mexico. They inspire her to create.


  1. Lovely place with so many wonderful colors! I particularly like the door!

  2. Oh wow. These are some really awesome photos and scenery.

  3. Thank you for the vicarious tour of Taos! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. what a great trip!
    beautiful spot to go!!

  5. What a fabulous tour. It looks all so clean and clear and I can imagine the air too. That shawl. How much? Phew,that's a lot of dollars. A super write up, I enoyed it all - especially the door.