Thursday, October 07, 2010

It's October 7th already! SLOW DOWN OCTOBER

I received my copy of Drawn To Stitch by Gwen Hedley, published by

I've been drooling over it ever time I take a short break or while watching TV and the commercials come on. It is exactly what I have been thinking about lately. Don't you love it when a class or book just comes along at the perfect time?

I'm rethinking my Sketchbook project. I can still use the theme I have but I'm very tempted, VERY, to use this book as a working class and my sketchbook as my experiments.

I've been fascinated by texture for years. The last couple of years after getting a good digital camera I've been taking tons of texture pictures. I always had it, in the back of my mind, to do something with fiber and of or with the picture. This book is giving me the extra nudge I may have needed.

So, that's one project I have lined up for this winter.

The second one is to get back to work on my Native American Full Moon dolls and the Full Moon Storytellers quilt I was working on.

Next up is combining my photographs and fiber into something. I've got a new ink jet printer with different color inks so I'm hoping that what I print out will be closer to what I want then what I have been getting from my old printers.

I'm taking Julie Prichard and Cris Cozen's, new acrylic painting class.

Cris is a working, Golden artist. In all the class I have taken that Julie has offered I have learned new things about working with acrylic paints and all of the Golden products.

I get no earthly rewards for recommending these classes.

I may get more green feathers for my future wings, though.

I was looking at a book, this morning, in the studio and the artist was talking about her process.

She managed to make the how of what she did somewhat clear but I felt like she took some words out of the description. Important words, words that if I was trying to learn how she does her technique I would be at a loss. To say you mix your acrylic paint with a medium sounds fine until you know what kind of mediums there are out there and which one is she really talking about. Is she going to be making a glaze and using a glazing medium or is she actually using a gloss medium or matte? And, why does she do that, what's the purpose?

It doesn't help me when the artist assumes that I know exactly what they are saying. But, after taking a series of classes from Julie and Cris I now DO understand. I know when in the layering process you use opaque paints and translucent ones, glazes and gloss mediums.

In the same book I came across the artist mentioning that she used fibrous paper. That's it, that's all she said. Having read about this in my new book, Drawn to Stitch, I had that AH HA moment. Could she be talking about silk paper of flax or jute?

Well, the ideal paste to use for making fibrous papers in CMC paste which apparently is made from cellulose. It comes in power form and mixes easily with water. Better to use than wallpaper paste because it contains an anti fungicide and is nontoxic. According to my book it is often sold under the same of Super Gum or CMC gum.

I love it when a trip to the hardware store is needed!

:)Bea Who is always thinking about what's next to create.


  1. exciting stuff - busy busy

  2. Oooooh. I've been eyeballing Drawn to Stitch also...but haven't found any sites where I can take a peek inside. Sometimes these books call out for stuff that you can only get in other countries. would you call this a "technique" book?

  3. The book sounds fabulous. I've just ordered a book about dying with natural materials. Exciting. I don't know what I'm going to dye though! Don't stand still too long Jim. lol. What a busy busy lady you are.

  4. Trial and trial and then soon I will I will see what I like...what looks good to me...Meanwhile, Golden paints are on my wish list, as they have been, and then I saw w-oils. A paint that is a non-toxic, green, oil paint...Dreaming is living, I always say.
    PS: That BLUE CHAIR adventure! I think Zeus only wanted your kindness recognized...stumbling over the morning glory...hah! That man loves you to pieces and wants everyone to know!!!

  5. I love working with Golden products..especially the interference colors on black are having a wonderful time. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. My first thought was man you are busy, then I couldn't agree more about trying to learn something and finding there were words missing in the description..... then I thought ... you mix stuff with acrylic paints to use them? Lately it seems I am finding more and more things that fall under the "you don't realize the things you don't know are important" section of my life. Sigh.
    Can't wait to see what you create!!
    Oh... that Morning Glory adventure, how awesome! Poor Zeus LOL :) guess he didn't realize those were guard morning glories

  7. yeah, slow down october for sure...

    this 'drawn to stitch'; i think i must have this...


  8. Yes, fall is definitely here. And you've got a great book to enjoy and a wonderful workshop ahead! Lucky girl!

  9. Thank you, Bea! We appreciate your support so much....and your blog here...I don't know how I missed it all this time...and the blue chair...fascinating story. love it! Happy to reconnect here...happy weekend! xo

  10. I have been drooling over the Drawn to Stitch book too. Now that you have it, is it a must or just another book I will leaf through and shelf?