Monday, October 25, 2010

Good to go, good to be home.

I'm home. Had a great time. Now, I guess I'm ready to buckle down and get back to work.
Misty, moist, foggy morning here. If I wasn't so tired from traveling I would have grabbed Murphy and my camera and headed out for pictures.
I have to say I love the smell of fall. I know it's probably just decomposing leaves but it has a unique smell. Then again I love the smell of woodsmoke and burning leaves and chocolate.

Murphy and Louie have been glued to me since we got home. They really don't like pack members going off some where without them. Oh, here's a funny story............ before I left and was racing around packing and making lists I was warm so I opened the Tangerine room window, a crack. Louie jumped up on the window sill. About an hour later I opened the front door to let Murphy out. It was night time and as I stepped out the door I could see bright eyes at the edge of the woods. I knew Murphy would start barking and go for whatever animal it was so I started to coax him in. No go, he trotted off the porch but no barking. I'm thinking, shoot, it's a raccoon and he's going to get in a fight and bit and I'll have to take him to the vet's........... you know all that stuff that runs through your head. But, still no barking from Murphy.

My eyes have adjusted to the dark and I see what looks like a big cat. Still, why isn't Murphy barking at a strange looks orange...............SHOOT, that's LOUIE!!!!!!!!!

I leave the front door open, try to get him to come back inside. Just what I need the night before we take off, a lost cat. Louie goes under the deck. Not a good idea when a Traditionally Built Mama starts stomping on the deck. He pops out, Murphy runs next to him and then both of them run in the house. Whew.

From now on I'll REMEMBER that I took the screens out of the windows and not to open the window. Apparently, he can push against it opened, even a crack and make it wide enough to squeeze through. Silly cat.

Ok, off to start on my TO DO list. Hope you all have been having a creative time. I'll be right over to see your blogs.

:)Bea Who still needs to start on some Christmas projects. ACK


  1. Traditionally Built Mama... I LOVE that phrase! LOL!
    Glad you a had good time :)

    I love the smell of fall too... woodsmoke, leaves, crisp air, coffee and chocolate... love the smell of snow too. Sigh... I miss how it smelled up north in the fall, completely different down here.

  2. I delighted you are home again, and sorry to hear you have to enable comment moderation. Does word verification add something extra? I know you have to approve the messages now, but just wondering if that is something extra for added security.

    I'm so sorry I've not been around much these last few posts. I've had horrible back spasms since Saturday and simply can't sit for long. I look forward to your next creative endeavor (CHRISTMAS?).

    Bleubeard learned a long time ago how to unlatch the back screen door even with the hook and eye thingy firmly in place. He jumps up and somehow catches it on the way up and flips it back. They are much smarter than we give them credit for.

  3. Hurrah hurrah you're back. I hope you had a great time, love the pumpkins. I love the smell too. Today I brushed past some marjoram and the smell was wonderful. Everything seems so fresh still.

    Welcome home,

  4. LOL
    i keep the screens out too
    one less thing to clean in this dust inferno
    i love the smells of wood burning and leaves and the like too
    fall and spring
    after spring is really here!
    are my favorite times

    are you ready to get to class!

  5. Welcome home ladybug...I am so glad you did have Louie back safe and sound...what is it about cats...independent little cusses. I am feeling the need to get started on Holiday gifts and stuff... here we go again!!! Welcome Home. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. Love that pumpkin picture...I love orange, what a happy color!