Friday, October 15, 2010

Doors, glorious doors.

I know I promised some door lovers my photos of some doors in New Mexico.
Here you go:

This is my second attempt to write and post a blog entry. Even though Blogger claimed it was saving my post, it didn't and zip there went all my thoughts for the day. Which gives you a big clue how important what I have to say really is.

I am amazed that the Bluebirds are still here. I thought they had taken off with the flock of Robins the other day but nope, they are back sitting on the birdhouse. Guys, it might be really nice right now but trust me you don't want to hang around much longer. The Juncos have arrived which is another surprise. They used to only move down this far when it got really cold up north. They seem to be expanding their territory.

Our unseasonably warm weather will probably stick around until Sunday and then that Canadian air mass will make it's appearance. I'm almost ready..........almost. I find myself NOT doing all the end of the season chores outside, I would rather sit on the swing and stare at the sky and the colors of the trees and the flowers. I feel old, like I'm taking it all in, just in case, you know? Maybe I'm just appreciating the moment. I would like to think that I've grasp that concept, finally.

The other night we drove to Spring Green to the new indoor theater of American Players. What a nice building. We saw Waiting for Godot. I think the last performance we saw was probably twenty years ago. Seeing it performed by professional actors was a real treat. It's not one of my favorite plays but I certainly enjoyed this one.
In the car, on the way home I asked Zeus if he had ever had the feeling of watching something or reading something that he had read or seen, in his youth and finding that he was understanding it at a whole new level.
This happened to me while watching the play. For those of you that haven't had a chance to see it, it centers around two homeless guys that have been together for years and they wait at the same spot for a meeting with Godot.
While I was watching I would occasionally nudge Zeus' knee when I thought that the dialogue between the two men reminded me of how he and I act and talk. It's the way two people that are very fond of each other and have spent many years in each other's company may act together.
The other thing that struck me was that the last time I saw this play I don't think I really had any understanding of the damage that war does to some soldiers. I hadn't really seen what had happened to some of our Vietnam Vets. These two characters often reminded me of the sad cases of PTS and drug abuse of some of our older vets. The loss of focus, difficulty dealing with reality and all the other problems. I think I felt more compassion toward the characters this time around then I did when I was twenty years younger.

I'm still working on sorting out STUFF in the front room. My couch isn't going to arrive until maybe next week. sigh.................. Probably a good thing since I still have much to much in there that needs to be weeded out. I mutter to myself that "it's coming along", I hope.

:)Bea Who needs to go rescue frogs from the swimming pool now that the pond has gotten so dry. They aren't listening to me when I tell them the pool is closed.


  1. Nice collection of doors! I really like the blue one. Your blog looks great! Did you change it recently or am I just now noticing?

  2. Anonymous4:11 PM

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  3. Oh I had to laugh at you rescuing frogs from the swimming pool! Frogs can't read obviously!

    I never enjoyed Waiting for Godot but maybe I would see more into it now. I think you do appreciate some things more as you age. Oooh, a new couch, how lovely.

    Love the doors of course. Fabulous.

    We have had some cold nights and mornings but the flowers are still perky, so it can't have been below zero. Brrrf, the thought of it.


  4. Beautiful door Bea - and I like the background of your blog too - it almost scared me when I first saw it and I had to remind myself where I was.
    Read a little bit of what you'd written, but not all - I'm in the mood for 'gazing at photos - like your wonderful metal texture.