Friday, October 01, 2010

Back in good old Verona, I am.

Still no pictures. I'm beat. I'll have to do the downloading, sorting, editing, etc. tomorrow. Louie, the cat is all over me. Murphy is all over me. Everybody is a little clingy, you know.
Mary picked us up at the airport and Riley saw me coming out the airport door and started to run to me. BOY, was that a great feeling. She remembered her Grandma. Not bad for for a year and four months.
We had such a wonderful time in New Mexico. I can't wait to share some of the stories and pictures with you all. AND, THE FOOD. OMG well you just have to wait for some pictures of that too.
It's almost 10:00 our time and I'm heading off to bed. The trip was extremely restful and our flights were very smooth and easy going but it still wears a person out, you know?

Oh, I did have something interesting happen on the plane from NM to Denver. The flight attendant was walking down the aisle handing out free headphones to people. I was sitting on the isle seat and as she approached I held up my hand and smiled.
She looked RIGHT AT ME, turned and walked slowly back up the aisle. Now, remember folks, I'm a BIG GIRL, hard to miss, really hard in a bright turquoise shirt.

I turned to Zeus, sitting next to me and said, "There, see it happened again. I'm invisible."
Zeus without taking his eyes off his book suggested that I remove my INVISIBILITY CLOAK.
I sighed, "If I have to but it shouldn't just attache itself to me like that."

Zeus looked up and over at me. "Who do you think you are?"

"WONDERBEA", I replied and smiled.

I swear I heard him start to hum the Mighty Mouse theme.

So, now the secret is out. Well, only to those of you that ventured back to the blog.

It's probably a good time of the year to discover this about myself. I can easily pick up a headband with springy, bouncing, antenna and I'm sure I can find a black and gold stripped sweater. I think I need a cape, maybe a yellow slicker?

Ok, off to bed, I go, to dream of solving problems and creating, for the good of humankind.

:)Bea Vacations just really renew me, you know?


  1. Glad you're back. Can't wait to see all the pictures and hear all your wonderful stories.

    I kinda like "Super Bea" as in Mopar? hee hee

  2. Hope to see photos soon. When I first read your new avatar, I read WONDERBRA! Don't feel bad, dear BEA, you are not invisible where it counts: here in blogland and to Riley. Sorry you were invisible to the flight attendant. It happens to all of us at one time or another.

  3. WonderBea, super name. Yes, I like it! Invisible indeed! Glad Riley was thrilled to see you. It gladdens the heart doesn't it? What a great holiday you must have had.