Sunday, September 19, 2010

You never really know where the journey takes you.

I'm not dwelling on nostalgia memories. I think the buying of our new couches this weekend has just triggered a lot of old, old memories. Over our beer and pizza, this evening, Zeus and I took a count of the number of couches we have had. Some people can do this with cars, for us it seems to be furniture.
Our first couch was really a used couch my parents gave me, for my apartment on Beacon Street. It was bright orange, horrible uncomfortable and small. We sold that to the janitor of my apartment building when we moved from Boston.
Our second was the green one with the black & white plaid cushions that our landlady gave us when we moved into our first rental property together.
When Zeus got his first job after law school we drove to Milwaukee and bought a HUGE sofa and a comfy leather chair with a leather matching ottoman. It barely fit in the that first rental house. I swear it was probably seven feet long. I think we had dreams of living in a giant Tudor house.
We moved that couch into our first home. It was the one nice bright thing we had while we tore into each room, ripping the walls down to the studs and rebuilding them again.
I came home from the hospital with Justin and spent a lot of time on that couch.
It had a tapestry fabric with golds, greens and a hint of purple. It was the best couch in the world to take a nap on.
I probably have a ton of pictures of Zeus sleeping with Sarah, the dog, or Justin or even James.
We had that couch even after Mary arrived.
The kids made forts with the cushions. It became the goal for soccer games, in the living room.
It lived a good life with us and then one day it went into it's retirement at the nunnery.
Seriously, Sister Ruth was delighted to have it donated for the home where she and four other nuns lived.
It was replaced by a leather couch and loveseat that looked very much like they belonged in a dentist office.
We still use that same couch and loveseat in our family room area. The leather is worn from assorted dogs jumping up and down on it, numerous children, friends of children, grandchildren and cats.
It's the best couch in the world for sleeping on, especially if you back is sore.
Shsssssssssssss, come closer..............we are replacing it with a BRIGHT, BRIGHT deep blue-red suede like fabric couch and loveseat.
We also bought, at the same time as the "dentist" couch a white leather sectional for our new finished family room, in the old house. We were so excited. Two NEW COUCHES.
We moved all the assorted couches to our new home and for ten years they have enjoyed our family and friends plumping their butts down on them.
I called St. Vincent de Paul and told them I had a large sectional sofa to donate. They sent a nice man and his helper out to pick it up. He looked at the worn but not torn cushions and said that he couldn't take them it wasn't in good condition.
I gasped.
I held my comments.
I waved goodby and had Zeus call the Boys & Girls Club. THEY were delighted to come and pick it up. The nice young man told us that they have over a hundred kids active in the building and a big sofa like this was wonderful. I waved goodby to our old couch, knowing that it was going to a good place.
We are replacing it. After 15 years we went out and bought a new couch for the living room.
Two couches in one weekend. I'm amazed that Zeus didn't need to lean over and breathe into a paper bag. "He's not mean, but careful", said Miss Lemon about Hercule.
And, yes, kiddies we looked and looked at all kinds of sofas and we bounced and sat on all of them. We laid down and pretended to sleep on them.
And, we bought a white leather sectional. Now, now, before you say BUT, BUT you just got rid of a white leather sectional. This one is comfortable. I mean really comfortable and guess what is on each end of the sectional? Guess? RECLINERS! I mean how cool is that.
Zeus and I both get to put our feet up when we watch TV.
So, in three or four weeks I will have new furniture. This is a big event. It's been about 15 or more years. Most of what I own I bought at garage sales or estate sales. It has personality, I'll say that about it.
But, a red sofa...............tee hee.................that just really tickles me.
:)Bea Who is so easily amused these days.


  1. hahaha you are so cute. I cannot remember the last time I went couch or chair hunting. You make me want to go do it sometime soon. hee hee :)

  2. There is nothing like a RED couch...I have a red chair and it thrills me to no end. I also have a taco chair and a big green deep loveseat! Enjoy the memories and make new ones on the RED couch! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. J. Arthur Prufrock measured his days with coffee spoons. I could measure mine by what car I was driving in what year. It's fun to think about couches and what they reflect about our lives. (I can imagine you two in your dual recliners.)

  4. I've had my same couch for years and years and years. It's a love seat that makes into a bed. The man who wouldn't take your slightly worn couch wouldn't even look at mine. Probably the B&GC wouldn't either. But that's life and things that make us happy, make us happy, even if they are red.

  5. I want to see a picture of your red sofa - sounds delicious!

  6. YaY! Blue-red, sounds very royal.
    My only question is...
    You donated your old furniture. You new will taKe some weeks to arrive. Are you sitting on the coffee table to watch golf on the television?

    oops. I have another question.
    I forget, (assuming I ever knew) what color are your livingroom walls? Any color would go with the blue-red...but I like to 'see'

  7. Hard to get a really good couch, especially reasonably priced. Yours sounds like fun - love bright furniture.

  8. How exciting for you and Zeus! RED indeed, wonderful. Ours is terracotta, not quite as bold but I still love it and it's so warm and comfortable. When we go to the UK with the car just after Christmas we are going to bring back my 4 seater settee which is huge and I love love it. I comes in half so will fit in the Doblo.

    I hope you love your new furniture when it comes and am glad you found a good home for your much loved old stuff.