Sunday, September 12, 2010

While cleaning the siding on the front of the house I noticed what our local Woodpeckers have done to the beam. Cheeky things, aren't they?

The siding looks so much nicer now, scrubbed and hosed off. A dear friend, Carol made that piece of slate for us when we moved into the house.
Isn't it looooooooovelyyyyyyyyyy? Isn't it beeeeeeeeeeeautifuuuuuuuuuuuuul?
I realize it's part of the garage and not reaaaaaaaaaaly that pretty but it is to me. Everything I need for dyeing fabric is right there, organized and in a safe place. I also have my paper making supplies there. Above the laundry tubs you can see a shelf with my hoard of Styrofoam inserts from packaging. It's what I use in sculpture work. Well, when I get back to sculpture work.
It quite amuses Zeus.
It's a glorious day here. A perfect end of the summer beginning of fall day. The IRONMAN,, goes right by our house, down our long snaky hill. I can hear the first of the bikers going down it and people up at the top of the hill cheering them on.
It's quite a yearly event here in Verona.
We actually got the bottom part of our road resurfaced. I suspect because of the Ironman event, not because we've been sending City Hall pictures of our cars in holes surrounded by rubber duckies. The joys of photo shop.
I have the last of my latest dyeing hanging up on the clothes line. A forest green and light tan grouping. I'm excited just to have these in my stash for the winter. I really want to do some more before I dump out the rest of the dye. These 2 quart plastic containers are perfect for putting in the microwave and getting the water hot again before I put in my fabric.
Mary and Riley are off to a church picnic. Mary was baking corn muffins to take with her. I think she had to bring enough for 40 people. Boy did the house smell good, this morning.
I'm off to the studio. Zeus is playing tennis with his peeps and then off to get some work done at the office. No phone ringing on Sunday's and he can get a lot done. I worked hard on the house yesterday so I feel justified to go off and play some.
Although, I might take this time to start re boxing my fabric stash until I can get it sorted and up in the studio. Might as well do it when the weather is so nice and not when it's cold and damp.
:)Bea Have a great day, whatever it is that you are doing.


  1. Bea, you are one of the most ambitious women I know! What kind of cereal do you eat or what's in your coffee?!! I always enjoy reading what you're up to and seeing your pics. Never a dull moment!

  2. Please share your beautiful new colors with us. You do have a beautiful space and I wish I could have some of your energies. Have a wonderful weekend! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. I love to look at organized spaces.
    That shelving unit is the bomb! To think that could have been firewood!

  4. Lucky you to have a sink in your garage. I'm in awe of this area for both fabric dyeing and paper making. I have to make paper outside, and that means when the weather isn't freezing.

  5. Congrats on becoming semi-organized again. :D

  6. Owning a house means your chores are never done - cleaning, gardening, painting... And then you feel guilty if you let it lapse.

    If I ever had a house (which most likely I won't) it would have to come with a staff. I always refused, still refuse and will always refuse to do chores. Why create unnecessary work for yourself?