Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What's on your speed dial?

Good Mooooooooooorning Campers! Oh, my there is nothing like a good night's sleep to make you feel like you can actually get through your TO DO LIST for the day. A special thank you goes out to my local pharmacist who hooked me up with behind the counter sinus drugs. Bless him and all his progeny.

So, this morning, over coffee at Micky D's I asked Zeus what would be on his speed dial in the off chance I kicked the bucket. A normal topic of discussion, for me, over my egg mcmuffin.
He didn't hesitate, which tells me quite a bit about him.

"Let's see, the kennel to pick up two more dogs."

And, then he smiles because, poor dear that's about all he can think about.

"Well, Zeus, you want two more dogs then you need to call the Humane Society and go out and adopt them. The kennel is only good for you to PAY more MONEY to send them to day care."

The fact that he has an answer so fast for that reply only means that we've had this discussion before. "I'll hire a young thing to take care of them, buy their food, haul said food upstairs from the car and put it away, pick up after them in the yard, pick up and drop them off at day care when I'm off working or playing golf."

Apparently, he's going to be paying this "young thing" a nice salary.

From what I can gather Zeus isn't interested in the "young thing" he just wants more dogs.
As it is he complains when Murphy takes up to much room in the bed or snuggles so close that you can't move. What in the world is he going to do with three dogs, in the bed?

He can only dream, this isn't going to happen as long as I'm above ground.
I've done my stints with two dogs at a time. It's great when you have the energy and the health to keep up with them. Dogs are like children and at least until they are three years old they behave like little kids.

Today, he surprised me, his parting shot as we got into our cars to go our separate ways, by telling me that the second call on speed dial would be to the cable guy.......................
He sped off, shouting out his window........"Just to bug you after you are gone."

I'm sure he smiled all the way to the traffic light until he realized THAT comment was going to cost him.

We don't have cable. He tells me it's because we live out in the country. I point to the little satellite dishes on homes out by us and he counters with, we are so busy now, when would we have time to watch all the stuff that's on cable.

He may have a point, I'm sure there are some things I would enjoy seeing and if regular TV programming continues to go to reality shows it would be nice to actually watch something I would enjoy.

So, on my speed dial I have, the cable guy, the pool guy, because there is no way I'm maintaining a pool, the lawn guy, because cutting the grass in spring is fun but by the end of the summer it's a chore, a cleaning service, because frankly cleaning floors and scrubbing toilets has lost it's glamour over the forty some years I've been doing it and a regular appointment for a massage. Oh, and a handyman fix it upper man for all those household chores that Zeus does now and I really don't have any desire to do, like cleaning out the gutters.

It's not really a wish list, well the cable guy and the masseuse but the rest of the things are just things that take time away from being in the studio.

I'm sure the early morning coffee group, of farmers, listening to our conversation are horrified.
It's all in fun. Honest guys.

My kids don't like me to talk about getting older or one of us dying.
We aren't getting younger and that's why the Twenty Summers philosophy is really important.
We are actually just concluding 19 summers. It seemed to go really quickly. To quickly, in my mind. I'm greedy and wanted another month or two. So, that's why the philosophy works for me. It reminds me that these Wisconsin summers are short, life is short, the day is getting on so go CREATE!

I'm off to the studio and during the day I will think about our conversation this morning and smile and also realize that I really don't want to have to ever put that speed dial conversation into play.

:)Bea You have exactly THIS VERY MOMENT so stop reading this and go CREATE.


  1. LOL I adore my husband but when I ask him questions like that he looks at me like I have a third head and says "I don't know." He says he would rather spend time "staring into his nothing box" than to make decisions about improbabilities. He is clearly a man! Tee Hee

  2. I love your conversation this morning...I can not think what life would be without Ken but in reality we are all mortals. Our children do not want to hear any conversation s like this one either but I really do not have a speed dial on my phones ...or do I? Who knows because I rarely use the phone these days. I am sending you a quiet smile of appreciation. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. I am so glad you are feeling better.
    Maybe you should leave the cape at the just don't need it, But keep the tiara.

  4. I suspect he'd need the two dogs to take your place in the bed. Someone would have to keep him warm, and it doesn't sound like he's interested in hiring the young thing thing for that part of the job.

  5. I don't think I've had that type of conversation with the wife, but on my speed dial would probably be all of my female friends.

    I would call them up and say, "Guess what? I'm single!" :D

  6. How much more work can one more dog be?

    I believe in having 2 dogs, so they can keep each other company.