Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Tea Time

Still working on my Harney & Sons Green Tea with coconut, ginger and vanilla. The placemat is from Kohler, WI. I found it in a little fancy gift shop with lots of Provence fabrics. I just love it because I love those colors together. Actually all three of those colors, the blue, golden yellow and berry red. If I had to have a personal flag those would be my colors.

The berries are probably the last of the season and I've been munching on them, off and on all morning.

I had my hair cut this morning by my "chatty cathy" hair stylist, Whitney. Honestly, that girl can talk. She's gone from being an almost white blond to deep red colored hair. It looks amazing on her. I told her it makes her eyes the second feature you notice when you look at her. She apparently has the skin coloring for red hair too. She said she would be more than happy to do me up with a new color. I passed.

I just needed a good cut so that I can wash, brush and air dry my hair without thinking to much about it. She always asks me if I have some product or other. Something that she talked me into buying. I nod, she looks in the mirror at me and says, "Do you use it?" I reply that it's right there in the bathroom, on the counter.

That's when she will swivel my chair around and look me in the eyes and ask me if I use it.
Before I can even reply she scolds me that my blushing tells her the truth, no.
"Do, you want another demonstration on how to use it?"

Sigh.......... bullied by a 22 year old.

There was a time, I remember when I spent enormous amounts of time on my hair. I was probably around 16. My mother, for some unknown reason would let me dye my hair any color but blond. For a mousy brown headed girl that still left a big selection.

It's ironic that she said that because when I was three she told me that she used to bleach my hair so it would be a lighter blond.

About six years into our marriage my then hairstylist talked me into dyeing my hair blond. I mean really blond. In my excitement about my new hair color I called Zeus and told him I would meet him at his office so he could see my new do.

I've honestly never seen a person go gray. I mean all color drain from their face. Except that day when I walked up to Zeus. Apparently, he wasn't a big fan of the blond. Well, I was young and panicked and called up my best friend and we decided to try to right the wrong.

Those of you with any experience in this dizzy world of hair color known what happened. My hair turned green. Even with further dyeing's the next day, I still couldn't get rid of the green tinge to my hair.

Looking back on it, I was young. Today, Zeus knows not to utter a word about my hair. He can roll his eyes but do it on your own time. My hair, my choice.

The women in my family all had beautiful thick black hair well into their 70's. Blue eyes to go with that black hair. Some how that managed to skip a generation.
I remember my aunt Elvie twisting her beautiful dark hair up into a French twist and then perching her white starched nurses cap on top of her head. She must have been a knockout when she was a young nurse with her black hair, blue eyes and that little cap with the wings on it. She had a photo album of pictures of young men that she had nursed back to health after the 1918 flu.
There is even a picture of her going for a ride, with one of them, in his bi-plane. She's sitting in the seat, behind him, waving at the picture taker. How exciting that must have been to fly with just goggles and a leather cap on your head and the air rushing around you.

Now, flying is a lot like riding in a crowded Greyhound bus.

I'm off to take fabric stuffed into garbage bags and fold it into clear plastic containers. I am going to be a disappointment to all the fabric store owners, in the area, because I'm not buying any more fabric. I have more than enough to last me many lifetimes. I do not think of myself as a hoarder because I am organized. Yup, that's my story.

:)Bea Who needs to fold fabric and dream of future projects.


  1. You had me rollin' with this one! I was blonde way back when for about 3 weeks until I realized that my hair grew too durned fast to keep up with the dark roots. And there was the time that I let my girlfriend frost my hair. Remember the frosting caps that you pulled hair through the little holes? Can you say skunk? I refused to go to work the next day until I had re-colored it all one shade LOLOLOL Of course we had both had a little wine that night. Oh too funny thinking back on those times. And we won't even talk about the time my daughter dyed the whole top of her head bright green - yikes!

  2. LOL, I had the green hair experience, too, when I tried to correct a coloring mistake. High school in the late sixties.

  3. I've never had green hair, but I went too dark right before my 10 year high school reunion. I looked like a sallow sick person. Tried to lighten it, but I was still a bit too dark. Funny story, lovely tea and berries.

  4. and brilliant flag colors they would be! lovely berries too!

    I have never colored my hair for some reason and can count on two hands the number of times I've been to the hairdressers LOL

    Happy T to you !

  5. Remember Sun-In? I squirted my black haired cousin with it and she looked like a sun burned zebra... really bad and my aunt was not happy...

    I ended up actually going to beauty school and still have a license. But I've had plenty of mishaps myself. One was the day before my best friends wedding, I let a color sales rep use me as a guinney pig and use a golden brown temporary color on my hair... it ended up darker than coffee... I tried everything to lighten it (besides bleaching it out) even washed it in Tide many times... my skin actually glows in the wedding pictures and oh I was her maid of honor ;~)

  6. Oh SUN-IN!!! and green - I never ended up with the green, but plenty of my girlfriends did. And then came the self-tanning stuff - with dirty orange looking handprints - managed to fall head first into that one!

    Bea - the link works when I click on it - but, if you are still out of luck then I'll tell you the secret -
    http://www.tumblefishstudio.blogspot.com - is having giveaways every day this week.

  7. I've been every color there is I believe. Before I became a nurse I was actually a hairdresser...when I lived in California. So, I've had every cut and color. About 10 years ago I said I was going back to my natural color, which is mostly white now! LOL I Keep it fairly short and I just blow dry too. Easy, peasy!