Monday, September 06, 2010

I spent yesterday throwing away, organizing, cleaning, folding laundry and getting done all those chores that I've let slip by me, during the summer. Cooler weather seems to get me back in the GET THY HOUSE IN ORDER mode.

It's probably a good thing I had so much energy yesterday because this morning I woke up with a head cold, most likely given to me by Zeus. He's such a good sharer of things.
Today, I want to curl up in bed, with a cat or two and sleep. Which is what I have managed to do most of the day.

Tomorrow, Riley starts her new day care with a different schedule, new kids to play with, two teachers, nap time on a cot NOT in a crib.....we're talking big girl stuff here. She also has a doctor's appointment to check on those ear infections. I hope they have cleared up.

Tomorrow, I have my first meeting of the month with my Mixed Media and Fiber group at the local library. At least this time I have something for show and tell, my Towers & turrets collages.

The Robins have been gathering in our yard. I still see the family of four, Bluebirds flying around in the back yard. The Yellow Finches are still here. The Bluejays have been quite noisy I guess the berries they like to eat are ripe now. They seem to be like a bunch of rowdy drunks after they have hit the berry bush.

I had plans to organize the bottom of the barn. That will just have to stay on my To Do list for a bit.
It's time to go back to bed.

:)Bea Who is going to create in her dreams while she snores.

P.S. Zeus came home with Hot & Sour coup for me. Isn't he wonderful? Mary offered to cook dinner for us but instead made homemade chocolate chip cookies. I mean do I have a wonderful family or what? I feel treasured and loved and even a little bit better.


  1. it is turning you may as well go ahead and become healthy from this cold because the party is just beginning with those favors to be passed around and around...maybe a cold now helps to beef up immunity?

    get well quick
    i love these barns...our out here are a little different but we have 1 or 2 of these half round ones thrown in...

  2. Glad you were able to get some rest today after your purge day yesterday. PLEASE send some cooler weather my way, so I feel like doing anything!

    Hope Riley gets a good report from the Dr., too.

  3. Hope it's just a "tiny" head cold that will go away soon.
    However, it's that time of year for flu too, which reminds me I suppose I had best go get a flu shot.

    This afternoon I spent painting a 7 drawer cabinet white for all of my supplies. It was on my to do list before the cold weather really sets in. Could sure use some rain though. It's so dry here.

  4. Thanks guys! I'm going to bed early, the Goddess knows I've been in and out of bed all day but I'm still tired. I give this three days that's it. :)Bea

  5. You are so blessed and you bless my life! Thank you for the birthday blessings. I know Miss Riley will rise to the new challenges in the new school...she is your glorious grand child. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. Wisconsin is so beautiful...

    Hot & Sour soup is my second fave, right after Polish Pickle Soup.

  7. What's with the summer colds?! This is your second, right? Good old Wisconsin brandy hot toddy is on the docket for you. Seriously, hope you feel better and don't send it out to me.

    The cooler weather here was also conducive to a productive weekend. Finally did the revisions on that article for the UW, started my chair sculpture, and hand lettered 75 placecards for my god-daughter's wedding, cleaned the kitchen, made soup and spagetti, worked out...and went to the play. 90's hit again today, but then back to 80 for the rest of the week--and a short one. Woohoo!

    Get better and pass the cold on to the Zetti's and let them ride it out.


  8. Ooh hope you are feeling better soon. I love that everyone rallied around you with soup and cookies. What love!