Thursday, September 30, 2010

High Feather Ranch, wish you were here, too!

Good morning campers! We're back at High Feather Ranch B& B. I just gave out a big sigh when I walked into our corner room, with all the light and the wonderful breeze and flopped on the bed. Oooooooh, wonderful. It's like coming home.
Taos was new and interesting. I walked around most of the town while Zeus played some golf.
I saw a lot of artwork that seemed to be created for the high end spenders to put above their couches. I found a little quilt store that was just that, little. Tiny and dark, stuffed with fabrics but honestly, not the quantity or quality that I have in my own local Stitcher's Crossing. It's always fun to see what's popular in different areas. I suspect there might not be as many fiber artists up there or maybe they just order on line.
I don't really want to talk about too much about the trip until I get home and can download all these pictures and set up some albums for you to see.
Let me just say that if you have never been to this area of our country you will be blown away by it's beauty.

Yesterday, we spent the day driving around Taos and then taking the back roads down to Santa Fe. It was wonderful, the landscape was always changing and gorgeous. REALLY GORGEOUS! I can't wait for you to see the pictures.

This morning Marianna Hatten, the Innkeeper, www.highfeatherranch.commade us another one of her amazing breakfasts.
They are really a brunch. And, for my foodies, yes I took some pictures and yes I will find out if I can share some of her recipes. There is a book, on her kitchen counter, called The Best Recipes From New Mexico's B & Bs by Steve Larese. She has a couple of her recipes in that book.

Zeus and I travel well together, in the car. He's very patient about my yelling STOP when I want to take a picture. He also has a pretty good eye for something he knows I didn't see and would want a picture. He turns the car around so I can do my thing. I've named him my Best Boy or Key Grip. Of course, I haven't got a clue what those positions really mean on a movie set but they work for Zeus.

One of my DILs has a phone that you can look up things, on the Internet. I'm grateful that neither Zeus or I have that on our ancient cell phones. Most of our discussions, in the car, on a long ride are composed of a question and answer and then a creative debate about said answer.

Maybe, some of the answers are creative too. At least, I know they are on my part. I tend to answer things like Calvin's father did in Calvin & Hobbes. At lunch, in Taos I was sitting at a table, by myself and an older gentleman and his retired son, sat down next to me. The son was talking in rather a loud voice and he told his father that one of his grandchildren had asked him why clouds are flat on the bottom. He told his father that he couldn't really answer her because Taos didn't have clouds.

How silly. Everybody knows that the clouds get their bottoms flattened out when they go over the tops of mountains. geesch

Zeus mentioned something, in the car about Sagebrush and I replied that when it dried up it blew away and that's what Tumbleweed was. Zeus countered that I was full of something that I really can't put into print. I countered with "put some money on it, bozo".
Now, if we had one of our DILs, I won't name names, in the car with us, all the fun of the creative dialogue would have been taken away because she would have been punching in something, into her phone and telling us what it said about Tumbleweed, on the Internet. I mean what fun is that?

Of course, later that evening Zeus DID LOOK IT UP and point out, rather gleefully I thought, that Tumbleweed was an entirely different plant, not native to the US and blah, blah, blah.
So, I'm out a buck.

We did listen to some music from his IPod. Thank you again, Number Two Son for downloading such great music for us. We belted out with Paul Simeon the song, Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes. Some car seat dancing did occur.

Tonight, we are taking our BIG yellow lantern out into the desert with the Astronomy guy. He asks only that you bring a sense of curiosity and wonder with you. I can do that.

:)Bea Who hopes you are creating something while she is off seeing some of the world.


  1. OMG you had me laughing so hard about your tumbleweed conversation with Zeus! And I sure needed that laugh today. I'm glad you're having a great vacation!

  2. Bea, your sense of humor is wonderful. I went to NM about 10 years ago for work, and headed to Santa Fe for a day. It was a great experience, but I'm not a desert person at all. It's quite a different world out there, isn't it? Enjoy, take lots of pictures to share with your blog readers!

  3. Everybody knows that the clouds get their bottoms flattened out when they go over the tops of mountains.

    We don't have any flat clouds here in New York City. I guess the skyscrapers pop them.

  4. I agree Bea, I think gadgets tend to take all the fun out of interacting with each other. Seems too many people are paying more attention to the gadgets than to each other anymore. Good for you two and I'm glad you are having such a good time. New Mexico is one place you will never forget! :)

  5. I swear you are right about the dried up sagebrush! Does Zeus believe everything he reads???
    The internet answers are mostly written by 25 yr old people that didn't even participate in the Gold Rush! Sheesh!!

    The Astronomer sounds like A LOT of fun!

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  7. So that brings me to the question...what, then, exactly are those roundish dried up plant skeletons that tumble by our house on the desert on a windy Nevada day. I guess I'll never really cell phone doesn't do internet either. Maybe I'll call because a bit of a mouthful! Welcome back Bea!