Friday, September 10, 2010


He's 8 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COWBOY! What a great day for a birthday. Hunter's birth was early and he was sooooooooo tiny when he was born. Now look at him. What a bright, handsome fellow he is. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUOUOUOUOUOUUUUUUUUUUUUUu!

A nice young man from the Boys & Girls club came, with his youth helper, to the house to pick up our 15 or so year old leather sectional. They were very happy to get the free donation. The kids are hard on sofas with over 100 kids coming and going through the building. He said they have a high turn over on them. I'm just happy to find a good home for it. It survived three kids, four dogs, two cats and Zeus and I sitting on it.

Psst, I'll tell you a secret, I was NEVER comfortable sitting on it.

Last night started the football season for us. I took the opportunity to trot back and forth from the recliner with it's assortment of dog and cats to the laundry room to check on my fabric dyeing.
I stopped in at the Home Depot store and in the paint section found plastic 2 qt. containers WITH LIDS for $1.49. There are perfect for dyeing small batches and I love the lids, I can turn the container over and shake up the fabric and whatnot I have it in. They will also come in handy for water for projects in the studio or rinsing brushes out.

My dyed fabric is on the laundry line drying. The colors are beautiful. I didn't use plant material, maybe next year. I was just happy to get some white cotton sheeting material ripped up, wrapped and tied and in the containers.

I went over to the studio and stood in front of my collection of laces, linens, crocheted items and just thought for a moment.
What's the point of just collecting them? Are you going to use ALL of what you have in white or beige? Do you think you might have some fun with Pink and Blue and whatever other color you might mix up? Will you have had time to use it all up before you kicked the bucket?

Apparently, I was getting pressure from the MUSE to just grab handfuls of stuff, put it in the bag and bring it over to the house. I cut up lengths and dropped them in the dye baths.


I'm telling you, opening those containers up this morning and rinsing the fabric and laces out was so much fun. As I was hanging them up on the line to dry each piece was exciting to pull out of the laundry basket. Everything didn't dye the same color. Depending on the cotton content or where it ended up in the container there is a lot of difference. This is great. I'll be able to use all of these pieces. I am so excited.

The best things was when I unwrapped the grape colored bundle of fabric. As I was hanging it up I noticed that it had a faint, but clearly visible white design down the middle of the fabric and I yelled in to Zeus to come out and look at it.

"Doesn't that look like the chakra's? Can you see the head and the neck bones and OMG look at this chakra it's in the shape of a butterfly."

"Yep, I see them but you know this isn't like the Shroud of Turin."

"Nope, it's the Shroud of Bea."

Well, not really but it certainly has become my winter's SLOW CLOTH project for my The Soul Speaks series. I AM SO EXCITED can you tell?

Yes, yes, I know, picture, picture but you have to wait because I have so much to do today since I feel so much better. I still have a runny nose BUT I've been getting a good night's sleep and that's the key. I actually woke up early this morning, didn't feel sluggish and was ready to hit the deck.

I'm going out to the barn and repack fabric that I threw into trash bags when I had to get it out of the Fiber studio.
When that's done I am going to repot three plants that I bought for the wicker planter stand that I spray painted white, yesterday.
Then I plan to take out the flowers in the pots by the pool and plant some daffodils.
And, then if there is still some energy in my body I'll start cutting the grass.

:)Bea Who is creating all the time, in her mind.


  1. Happy Birthday to Hunter. What a cute lil' guy. And I can't wait to see the fabric. Your descriptions were such a tease....Glad you are feeling better, don't over-do it!

  2. Hope Hunter has a great birthday. He is a real sweetie.

    I can't wait to see the dyed fabric. I'm SO ready to dye some now that I have more sheets that I picked up on Monday.

    Glad to read you are feeling better, too. That's good news.

  3. Pictures! I need pictures! Don't taunt me with stories of beautiful fabric and not show it to me. How heartless are you??? LOL

    Happy Birthday Hunter!

  4. What a lovely lad Hunter has grown into. Super photo. Happy Birthday - belatedly!

    You sound as though you've had a cold. I'm sorry about that and am happy that it is abating now. I know what you mean about running out of steam. I seem to hit a 'brick wall' every now and then and have to stop and rest. God. Old age is crap!