Thursday, September 09, 2010

From my DIL.
"Sawyer's first day of kindergarten stories... Sawyer how was your first day of school? well..there were too many girls there and I had to sit next to one and she put a booger on her dress....she is not my friend. While tucking him into bed I asked so what do you think of this kindergarten thing?.... Sawyer---Not so good. Let it be said."
I'm ancient, I can barely even remember kindergarten.
I remember that I was the youngest in my class.
I remember that I actually walked home from school, by myself. It was probably two or three blocks from my house to the school.
I remember LOVING the felt board. I don't remember my teacher but I do remember her telling stories by putting the different felt figures on the board.
I remember following my oldest child as he walked to kindergarten by himself. He circled every tree on the street terrace. I was in the car creeping down the street behind him. He made it just fine and surprisingly not even late to school.
I drove my middle son and eldest son to school for their first day. I had switched them to a Catholic school in the next suburb. I did entrust him to his older brother by the time he was well into the school year. I mean how hard is it to stand with your brother, on the corner, one block from your house and catch the bus? It wasn't until they were much, much older that I heard about the shenanigans that went on and how the eldest would run to the next bus stop and leave his brother behind, etc.
I drove my last one, my daughter to school every single day. By that time it was quite clear that letting your little one, let alone a little girl to ride a bus by herself was NOT A GOOD IDEA.
I remember I made her pink cotton jumper for her first day of school. She wore a white t-shirt under it. It was the first time she had been in a dress all summer. She suddenly looked bigger and older. It was probably the last time, too. You can't climb the jungle gym in a dress at least not properly, I was told.
Sending your kids off to school is a big step, for both the parents and the child. You are not suddenly trusting that you did your work, that you instilled enough RULES, VALUES, IDEAS into those little heads that they can make good choices.
It's the first tiny snip of the cord.
:)Bea Create as if you life depended on it.


  1. Not so good. Let it be said.
    Sounds exactly like my Leo. And I have to say he felt way above school and it's inhabitants for the following 12 years. Felt the same at Barber school too.
    He loved his guitar lessons for 6 years, then he began to teach the teacher.
    He is very bright, and I have to admit a bit smug, too.
    I wanted my children to have good self esteem.
    Goal accomplished.
    The smugness...must have come from his father.

  2. your memories make me smile. my son who is is preschool wants to ride the bus, but thankfully it doesn't come to our house. I'm not ready to cut the cord too deep yet.

  3. I still remember my first day of school - very traumatic and totally unnecessary.

    It's not what you learn, it's co-existing with your fellow pupils that's important. For the first time you find out the world doesn't revolve around you.

  4. Ha!... the booger on her dress :)

    I love these kindergarten memories you've shared!