Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall day, headed for the studio.

Saturday, Zeus and I leave for New Mexico. It's been two years since we were there last. I'm very excited. What I did see, from the last trip, was wonderful. We'll be gone a week but I'll be taking the laptop so I'll be keeping you posted on what's happening.

It's dreary, damp and cool here today. The rain can't seem to decide if it's all done or not. Zeus had his tennis rained out last night so missed meeting up with his peeps for his birthday beer.
They think they are going to be able to reschedule for tonight. I'm not holding my breath.

I'm headed out to the studio. I'm working on some backgrounds. I used to use glazing liquid mixed with my heavy acrylics, all the time, in a painting. I loved the transparent look it gave.
Now, I'm working on using it more for blending my colors. I now love this new look, too.

Tomorrow my Mixed Media & Fiber Arts friends meet here, at the studio. We have so much fun.
I am so thankful to have a place like the studio for them to come and play. If we have a mild winter I might even suggest that we meet twice a month at the studio. Since this is the year of La Nina, we just might, have a mild winter. Some of the ladies have to drive quite a distance and a chance of a snowstorm keeps them at home.

I'm painting my front porch wooden bench, bright yellow. I want something bright and colorful out there when I look out at the snow.

I've decided to leave the plums on the tree this year. I watched the mama deer and her two babies eating the fallen plums on the ground. I can share. I still have a shelf full of Plum Chutney from last year. No problem, it's ok, they can have them, THIS year.

:)Bea Off to the studio to paint. Are you off anywhere to create?


  1. Wow, New Mexico, how fabulous. I just love that red door by the way. Glad you're taking the laptop or I might worry.

    It's like April here today, heavy shower, sunshine, heavy shower, sunshine almost all day! At least it's good heavy rain. I like that sort.

    Did Zeus get to play tennis?

    Do have fun with your group of ladies. I so wish I lived nearby so I could come too. My friend Cheryl came today (very arty, from my old school) and she loved the things I'd done with you. Woo hoo. She also loved your postcards of course.

    I love the idea of a bright yellow bench. I might paint mine up too, what a great idea. RED I think. Your fault for buying a red couch!

    Have a fabulous trip.
    BT xxx

  2. I hope you have a great trip and a wonderful week!

  3. New Mexico!
    Sounds like a wonderful trip.
    Then I read
    Mild winter.
    My ears perked up! (it's true)
    Me and my ears are hoping you are right about that. We are also wishing you a safe and memorable trip!

  4. Have a wonderful adventure in New Mexico and take plenty of photos so I can join in the fun of this trip ...vicariously! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. i love this door!
    this is to your studio!!! i would just sit and look at this door all day
    i seem to be an archetectural kind of gal..and i have a desire to go to new mexico too
    maybe craig can take me when we are in texas this winter!!!
    he isn't far then...