Thursday, September 02, 2010

9.02.10 Done

I'm done. They are ready for copying at the printer. I've got them for whatever is the next step in my class. If they don't work for the class they go in my Sketchbook journal.
I am quite happy with them. They make me smile and that's really all I ask of my art work.
I can remember exactly what was going through my head for each stage and layer of each one.
As always, I have incorporated some of my old work into the new, which pleases me.
If you click on the picture you can actually read the words which make sense and yet don't.
I wrote a pretty detailed description of the early stages of these in the next post down, from this morning.
It's pouring rain right now. A huge front has moved in from Iowa. I can hear the TV telling us of winds up to 60 miles an hour. Riley and I are going to have supper and cuddle together. Her mommy is off at school taking her evening class.
Tomorrow, Zeus and I hit the road for a road trip. Destination UNKNOWN. I think we are heading Westward and since we only have Friday and Saturday I don't think we will stray to far away.
Murphy will be a puppy camp and sleeping with some kid in the bunkhouse. ALWAYS, a treat for him.
I'll have the lap top and hope to be able to check in and let you know how our drive is going.
:)Bea Enjoy life..................create something.


  1. LOVE the art!
    BRAVO! it is amazing...and makes perfect sense to me.

    Have a sweet, fun, romantic roadtrip with that awesome guy!
    Be safe...Love to you :)

  2. ah, bea, my fellow smiler... that's all i ask too - that it makes me smile. have a great (and safe) trip. xoxo

  3. Ooh, I like these - very colorful and fun.

  4. I read your previous post before I commented, because I wanted to see your detailed technique. I love how you use a heat tool to dry the pages. I never seem to think of doing that. These make me smile, too. I really MUST try your background technique. It is so inspirational.

    Have a fun (and safe) trip, as I know you will.

  5. Both are wonderful but I love what you wrote on the first one. So true.

  6. I really love how these turned out Bea. Very creative and happy!

  7. This is great! Your photos make my fingers itch to make something...

  8. I adore how these turned out, and the words about 'rock & sway!' beautiful colors--I think it's a good thing that you like to do things 'your way.' you were open enough to try the palette knife, and maybe will again, but when you know what works for you...go with it! love them both!

  9. Thanks good buddies. Zeus wants these framed and hung in the Lemon Drop Room. lololsnort. He's so cute. I really like the idea of taking this even farther into an art quilt and maybe a hillside of wonderful tower & turret building and cool trees and clouds.....oh my, my mind is racing. :)Bea

  10. You made me smile also! Lovely houses and I can hardly wait until I see what develops next. Have a great weekend! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart