Monday, September 13, 2010

Day is done.........gone the sun............

It's been a long day, a good day but long. I went to my Mystery Book Club meeting,, this morning and half of the group liked the book and half thought it was a waste of time. That's par for this group. One half likes Swedish writers and dislikes silly, light reading mysteries and the other half just wants a good read. Something to pass the time while they wait for soccer games to finish, doctor appointments to be completed or in my case, something light that I can read for a half hour before I fall asleep.
I find the contrast between the readers, in this club, interesting. I like a good debate.

I honestly will read pretty much anything. I'll usually give a book a good four or five chapters before I will toss it aside due to lack of interest. I often read two or three books at the same time, leaving them around the house and picking one up when I fall into my recliner, or find one open at the computer desk. I've found I get less angry at the computer when it's acting up if I have a book on hand to read until things settle down and I can go where I want online.

I love to read recipe books. I don't need glossy pictures just a good recipe is quite enough.
I have more than my share of quilting books and mixed media books and a handful of art books.

I love to spend time in the half price store, discount table, Library for sale shelves and of course,

Each year I donate boxes of books to my local library. It makes me feel good and they aren't complaining.

I consider books therapy. Of course, I consider my studio therapy, my stash, therapy, Murphy therapy. Perhaps it might have been cheaper to actually see a therapist?
That wouldn't do though. I really don't like having people ask me questions. Well, some people.

I remember when we went through the adoption process for our daughter and part of the process was the social worker spending time with Zeus and I, individually, asking us a LOT of questions.
I understand why they were necessary but it was like pulling teeth for her to get me to answer them quickly or nicely.
Zeus? Well, he came out of the room practically beaming saying it was just wonderful, like seeing a therapist. He loved talking about himself.

So, isn't it funny that I'm the one with the blog. I'm the one sharing all this stuff with near strangers and he has no interest in having a blog.

I'm off to bed and to read a new book, Richmond Noir. It's a collection of short stories all set in a distinct neighborhood or location within the Richmond area. If I'm not mistaken Akashic Books had another one called, Brooklyn Noir.

:)Bea Hope you had some time to create, today.


  1. I'm not a huge fan of being asked a bunch of questions either. I have nothing to hide but I do like to keep my private life just that... private. I'm also really selective about who I let into my 3D world as well. There are a lot of crazy people out there and I like to keep them at arms' length, ya know? :)

  2. You and I are right in tune as far as the books go. I love a good read and I start many books at once, sometimes loosing the characters. I love to read cookbooks or craft books. The only thing different is that I do not donate them but instead, stash them in my library, which is a small bedroom that I converted with many bookshelves. I just can't bear to part with them! I actually have read some of them twice too. Books. Hope we don't loose them to Kindle.

  3. Ah, another thing we have in common besides crafting and reading, we both have adopted daughters!