Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crouching tiger hidden dragon

" 14 year old Ariana Iacono is suspended from school for refusing to remove her nose piercing."

The school has a dress code. Ariana claims her nose stud is an expression of her religion.

Boy that's a corker.
I have my own feelings about body piercing, they look like they hurt.
I'm a minister. I got my paperwork on line. Seriously, when I was becoming a Reiki Master it was one of the things that was suggested to me to do. I forget what church I'm a minister in, I'll have to go look at the paperwork.
So, it's not a stretch for me to hear about the Church of Body Modification which is, in fact, a federally-recognized organization. That's Ariana's church, by the way.

I have always wanted in tiny little nose stud and find myself asking every young person I see with one, "do you like it?" "Did it hurt?" "What happens when you blow your nose?" Since they feel like they are talking to their grandma I get a lot of detail, probably more than I really need to know.

I still haven't gone to the tattoo store to get one. I'm still thinking about it. I have sinus problems
it might not be a good idea. sigh.........see what happens when you get old, you think about practical matters like blowing your nose all the time.

Ever since I saw the movie, Crouching tiger hidden dragon I have wanted to create a wardrobe just like the women in the movie wore. I still think about how comfortable they look, pretty too.
Of course, I would like to be as agile as them and petite but that ain't gonna happen.

When I went to high school, back when dinosaurs roamed the playgrounds my act of rebellion was to wear a paper dress to school. It was black and white and I actually got to wear it a couple of times before it didn't look so great. Also, rolling my skirts up, by the waistband until they were above my knees and not below. I wasn't alone in this behavior. Most of my friends would stand up at the end of a class, unroll their waistbands for their stroll through the hallways to their next class, then before sitting down, roll those skirts back up. Even if there was a chance of standing up in the class, sharpening a pencil, going to the bathroom, you wanted those knees showing.

I keep wondering what the WISE WOMAN'S HUT would say if Ariana was presented, in front of them. How would those wise senior women vote on that nose stud.
Once upon a time those same women were presented with tribal problems, they discussed, they voted and the answer was sent to the chief. Their decision was final. It's wasn't debatable. If they said, "Go to war" Off, the braves went.

I am old enough to be a member of the Wise Woman's Hut. I'm not a big fan of Zero Tolerance.
In fact not a fan at all. I think it's an easy way out and smacks of the military.
I am a fan of dress codes for young people. Getting an education is what is important. Taking away distractions from that goal is important. Suspending anybody doesn't help them with the goal of getting an education. If you can shoot somebody, by being in the military then you should be able to drink legally, dress anyway you want, believe what you want. If you are 14 then you are still a child. Maybe you don't look like it or act like it but legally you still are a child.
Following rules sucks sometimes.

I think I would love to be in the WWH for this debate, wouldn't you?

:)Bea Who is going to create because life is shorter than you think.


  1. I went to Catholic school back in the mini-skirt era of the 1960s and the nuns used to make us kneel on the floor & make sure our skirts were touching the floor. If not, we got swatted! But we all rolled our skirts up 6-7 inches for the walk home.
    My daughter is 28 years old and has a small nose stud, which I personally like (for her, not for me). But she would remove it for employment reasons or otherwise because she knows not everyone likes them. I think a 14-year old should do what she is told until she is 18 years old and legally able to make her own decisions.

  2. I agree with Laura, I think she should do as she is told. It's not big deal is it. She's there to learn.

    It seems we are all 'of an age' and I, too, used to roll over the waistband of my skirts! Then add a black elastic belt for special effect! But we never wore make up or had any piercings at all. Unheard of. I was 30 before I had my ears pierced! I'd never have a nose stud - bogeys! YUK!

  3. I was once raised by the nuns also but there is an advantage to seeing the church of the atomic god. Trust me, who stands at the side of the road watching Burning Man followers trail by...not in envy but maybe in awe...or even disdain...for whatever reason. Nose studs...they exist in the universe...but not for me. Sun spots do mushrooms. If I'm not making any sense, then you are understanding this dissertation!

    What more can I say...I just love your thought path Bea! If we all weren't a little crazy life would be a total bore!