Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bonnie Leman's passing


President and CEO, Quilts, Inc.Director, International Quilt Market and International QuiltFestival--Houston, Cincinnati, Long Beach

"Bonnie Leman, founder and for many years editor and publisher of QuiltersNewsletter Magazine, died last night, quietly, peacefully, in her sleep andsurrounded by her children and grandchildren. She had broken a hip severalweeks ago, been through rehab, went home to her eldest daughter Megan's hometo recuperate, then somehow had an undetected heart attack in the last fewweeks, and was put into in-hospital hospice care a few days ago. Evidentlythe decline came very quickly. The services are not yet set but willprobably be late this week or early next week in Denver. I know many of you have perhaps never even heard of Bonnie, and that's apity. She was the mother of the huge quilting renaissance of the 20thcentury. She always said she had seven children since the first issue of QNMcame off the press on the same day that she gave birth to her sixth child. Iloved Bonnie dearly, and it doesn't seem possible that she's gone. So manythings that we take for granted in today's quilt world had their start inher magazine, when she was editor and publisher. After she sold themagazine, it changed, of course, but while she ruled, it was the "bible" ofthe quilt world. I will miss her tremendously. Even though she was barelyfive feet tall, we have lost a giant. It's the end of an era.Karey BresenhanPresident and CEO, Quilts, Inc.Director, International Quilt Market and International QuiltFestival--Houston, Cincinnati, Long Beach"
Another link to a tribute to Bonnie.


  1. Death is always sad, but I will say that this is just the way I hope to go when my time comes. Quickly, naturally, and with my loved ones at hand. She was blessed and loved.

  2. I'm sorry I don't know who she is, but I'm sorry to hear of her passing.

  3. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Thanks for posting this, Bea.

  4. It's me squeezing in a pile of reading...I turn my back for a minute and you've written a book!


    That movie didn't look promising. I think GC is a nice and decent human (and nice enough to look at) but he never makes the type of movies I want to see. Now that I think about it...they rarely make the type of movies I want to see.
    Eat, Pray, Love looked promising, but it was cheesier than Wisconson.

    That tie-dye is beautiful! I do see the spine, the third eye, the face...looks Native American to me...a sort of totem.


  5. Bonnie was an inspirational woman who changed my life with her magazine a couple decades ago. She will remain in our hearts! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart