Friday, September 17, 2010

And, then there was silence.

I spent yesterday doing quiet things. I didn't drive anywhere, run errands or do major rearranging of things. I didn't visit the studio. I didn't blog. There are just some days when I want to be quiet.

I've certainly mentioned this before, on this blog, my dislike of background noise. When I had my hair cut my stylist had her radio set to some sort of station that played a wide variety of music. I asked her if she had access to it to turn it down and she said yes, but did nothing.
I assumed it was because SHE needed the background noise. I know, I probably should have come right out and asked her to turn it down. I thought maybe she would get the hint. She didn't.

Every store I go into has some sort of music playing. Something that they feel will put me in the mood to spend more, eat more or just wander around more.

Every business seems to have it's own music, on their phones, when they put you on hold. I've noticed that they seem to play it even louder these days. I guess that so when you put the phone down to do something else you can still hear the music and know that you are still on hold.

The builders down the road have music blasting while they work on another McMansion, in the woods. They should be far enough away from me that I can't hear them but the day before the wind was from that direction.

So, yesterday, when I went outside to have my coffee and sit on the deck swing I hear nothing.
Well, nothing man made. I heard the birds that are remaining for the winter, the squirrels chattering to each other. I hear the Woodpecker in the woods, the Bluejays scolding each other for some infraction. I heard some Geese way up in the sky, moving from one cut corn field to the next.

And, I took it all in and felt myself just take a deeper breath of fresh air. I can't think when I get overwhelmed with human made noise, all kinds of noise.
I need breaks from it. I need a moment or two to center myself.

Murphy sat on the swing with me, watching me, watching the yard. We just spent some quiet time with each other.

When I get to caught up in daily stuff I find that I lose perspective. I get irritated more easily with silly things, like the increase in junk postings to the blog, the increase in survey phone calls, or a pompous statement by someone.

When I am centered and at peace with myself I can ignore all the above. It barely even registers on my radar. I just move on, focused on my goals. It's as if when I am scattered those irritants can rub the scattered pieces far easier.
Centered they bounce or slide right off of me. I can take the high road so much easier. I ignore the "drama" and don't lose energy engaging in it.

Every once in a while I need a quiet day. A day to regroup, renew and readjust.

Then I'm good to go.

:)Bea Always ready to CREATE.


  1. yep...i 'hear' you!!!
    i know exactly what you mean and i get this way too
    craig like absolutely NO noise
    i like music sometimes but it doesn't need to be all the time..
    and correct again
    out of harmony and the little things turn big...
    i hope you are regrounded and ready to roll today!

  2. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Bea, you have verbalized my sentiments exactly. It all started about 25 years ago with some hearing issues, progressed to an actual condition called "hyperacusis", and thank goodness has come under control since then. However, I'm still sensitive to too much noise, and I've asked many an establishment to turn the music down. After all, background music should be just that -- BACKGROUND music. To me that means music that's low enough it can be ignored if one chooses. I insist on that everywhere I go. I've had some tell me they DID turn it down, but I've had to ask them to do it again until I feel my ears and well-being are not being assaulted by too much noise. Amen!

  3. I do tend to have music on in the background when I'm creating but there are times as you say when there is just too much noise and it intrudes into your well being. I'm glad you feel better after a quiet day. :)

  4. great post!
    I crave peace and quiet and am lucky to have a good bit of it ... it really does help keep balance

    I noticed at the supermarket yesterday how the music tugged at my heart strings ... surely intentional I'm guessing

    here's to the sounds of silence!

  5. I just playing catch-up again...
    I watched Prince poppycock Last night, then my computer froze and I couldn't comment...or read more :(

    I LOL-ed at Tuesday's post! Ihad to read it to Deb...Man, Womaman, you can weave a yarn! I still am waiting for you to get your blog published. I saw somewhere that they will do it for you...not a lot of money either.
    I want the first 10 copies! Signed.

  6. I'm with you - I LOVE the quiet. No TV, no CD, no radio - just quiet. Although I can't ever turn off the crickets in my ears - it's still quiet. On the other hand my husband always has to hear noise. Sometimes I just go out in my studio to 'hear the quiet'.

  7. Very interesting post, Bea. While reading your blog post, the song Sounds of Silence played in the background!

  8. I usually have a major problem with background noise because I'm about 85% deaf in my left ear. So when people want to talk to me, I have to turn off whatever it is I'm listening to and really concentrate on what they're saying.

    Being that deaf does create a problem while driving whenever the good old emergency vehicle comes flying down the roadway.

    In any event, I used to go through that kind of quiet on the weekends when the family was away, but now with the camping season ending it will now become virtually impossible to find that kind of needed quiet in order to restore my equilibrium.

  9. Background music drives me crazy - I become "uncentered" as you said, and can't focus. I lose the ability to stay in the moment -

    The funny thing is that background TV noise doesn't do that to me - isn't it strange?

  10. I too enjoy the silence. One of the things that I have noticed the past month or so is my intolerance for lots of noise, crowds, etc. I enjoy just listening to nature, the sound of the waves.
    This was a great post Bea.

  11. A woman after my own heart, but then you know that. I hate background noise, maybe partly because I am deaf and also suffer from tinnitus. I have enough noise in my head without anything extra.

    An excellent post.