Saturday, September 11, 2010

All I said was..............

There is a great scene from Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, my ALL TIME favorite movie because, well , I love Myrna. Anywho, Myrna, who plays Gary Grants wife, is explaining to him why there is such a big bill, for a garden sink area. She tilts her head, at him and says, "All I said was.......since those bricks were just lying there that somebody could make a nice floor for a little garden workroom." Or something along those lines.

Zeus, a while ago, had removed the big bookcase he had built ages ago, from my fiber studio, in the house. He removed the top which held adjustable shelves from the bottom which was a cabinet with shelving. The bottom part he painted white and put in Riley room and now she stores all her toys in it.

The top part was just sitting in the garage waiting for him to break it up into fire wood and all I said was................ :)

So, the good man, the saintly man hung it on the garage wall, next to the laundry tubs for me to fill with all my dye materials for fabric. Getting that organized and seeing what I had and what I could play with now..........well, Bea (third person here) is a very, very, very happy camper.

I suspect, as much as he loved me actually dyeing things in the upstairs laundry room, he would much prefer that I make my messes down here, in the garage.

He's a good man, he is. Although, he was supposed to take me out for dinner but there is this BIG tennis match on TV and he looked so pathetic, I cooked dinner.
He did open a bottle of wine which I assured him only really had four glasses total in it and took my two.
Good wine did I mention that? Forget the screw on top, FORGET IT, it's good wine. And, it comes in a beautiful cobalt blue bottle. The bottle has RELAX Riesling, written on it. A dry slightly fruity bouquet of apples and peaches.

Yup, I'm relaxed. Good wine. Thank you Justin and Shari for introducing us to it.

I worked hard today. I used the power washer on part of the front of the house. Scrubbing off nine years of dust and grime from the siding. It looks beautiful now. Tomorrow, I'll do the other side of the front deck.

Then I went down to the garage and sorted through all my stuff to dye fabric, books, paints and organized them on the new shelving.

And, now, with my RELAX glow, I'm going to go read my book. A very scary book by Jeffery Deaver called The Blue Nowhere, which refers to the Internet. As he says on the fly leaf of the book, he wishes that the hacking information that he shares wasn't true but it is. I'm not giving this book to Zeus to read. He's already worried about the amount of information out there, on the Internet about us. But, if you enjoy a good suspense novel that centers around computers, you might enjoy this one.

:)Bea Who is nice and relaxed now.


  1. I love this movie even though when we were building our cabin home 24 years ago certain scenes were too close for comfort! I will try to track this book down as as soon as I get to a resting point...when???Who knows! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. I'm just saying...I collect blue bottles....

  3. Great post,,,,so upbeat with so many things you've accomplished!
    I surely hope you're able to get out of bed tomorrow.

    PS: I LOVED that Deaver book, although it almost makes ya wanna delete your blog.
    But I decided it's too late now anyway,,,,it's out there.

  4. Oh no, Mary Helen, did you hit a LEDGE!?!?! lolol :)Bea

    Back away from the bottle. :)Bea

    I need to get his others books out from the library. I really enjoyed this one. :)Bea

  5. Love the wine talk coming are too funny. Why aren't there pictures of the new dye lot?

  6. Who cares how much information there is about you? There's tons of info about every one by now.Unless you're making moonshine or growing marijuana, no need to be secretive.

    I think Facebook might be worse than blogging.

  7. Wow, so much you have written about and I've ploughed through all the posts and now I can't remember what was where!! The clean bit looks great. Your sorted shelf looks wonderful. I love sorting shelves and I adore sorting fabric too. Except when I put something slippery near the bottom and it all slides off onto the floor!!

    I didn't know Mary was adopted. Did I just forget? I might have, my brain is like a sieve.

    I like Zeus, and green tinged hair and you'd look awful blonde, like me. We're just too dark. ~hugs~