Sunday, August 08, 2010

Working in the studio, a huh a huh!

Big thunderstorm passed over this morning. It cooled things off for a couple of hours. It was so nice to have the windows open and hear the rain, the loud booms of thunder I could have done without. We all, including Riley slept in late, this morning. I guess we all have been short on sleep.

Now the sun is out and the day is hazy and the temps are climbing up to the 90s. August in Wisconsin. I don't care. I've been out in the studio losing track of time and just having so much fun.

I continued working on my Sketchbook cover, while the gesso dried on a new canvas for my Graffiti Wall series.
You can see the original moleskin that I was sent for the Sketchbook project. It's not big. In fact I bought a pack of them, the same size, a while back at Barnes & Noble. My fabric cover is larger because I have to wrap it around the original journal. I also have to make sure that I either cut out an area, in the back, for the bar code to show, or I reattach the bar code to the new cover. It's still not finished. I have the birdhouse and sunflowers to add but it's coming along and it's fun to work on.
So far I'm happy with the Graffiti Series. Each one is so different which is nice. They all have a ton of layers on them so when you look at them up close there is quite a bit to see.

I had the supplies still out on the work tables so I made some fabric paste paper. Well, that's just fun play. Paste water and tissue paper on muslin. EASY!

If Zeus had put a bathroom in out there I probably would never come back to the house.

You know the feeling when you finally get WORKING in your creative space. It feels so good. You feel energized don't you? I know I sure do. Of course, the extra sleep didn't hurt.

:)Bea Who hopes you are creating today and everyday.


  1. How in the heck will you be able to let go when this sketch book is full of your dreamy and wonderful art projects??? It is Sunday and I am feeling like a little nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    Lovely cover!!!

  2. I'll have to take photos of my spreads before I send the journal off. I look at it as my healing energy going into the journal. Those that are called to connect with that energy will pick up the journal. That's a good thing. :)Bea

  3. Well, Lisa, I love you too, so there. :)Bea

  4. I love that Feed Your Soul spread. It really speaks to me right now :-)

  5. These are so beautiful, Bea!! I especially love "feed your soul" - the colors are scrumptious!