Sunday, August 29, 2010


This post is for someone special out there in blog land. It's for the artist that doesn't know why she should bother to create anymore. Why bother, she asked. Nobody out there to buy it, can't afford what I do make, commissions are almost nil. "What's the point?"
I was almost going to leave my thoughts in her comment box but then I thought, noooooo. I have way to much to say about the subject.

If you create art because you want to make money, make a name for yourself, support yourself then you already KNOW it's a hard road, rocky road, unstable road for you to dedicate yourself to doing. It's possible. People have been so driven to this type of thinking they will endure quite a bit of hardship in order to try to make it happen.
And, yes, maybe with lots of hard work, lots of talent,skill, networking and being in the right place at the right time you might succeed. That's a lot of maybes.

There are so many stories out there about people that were encouraged to create and found that their health returned, their sanity returned, their true selves emerged. Art Heals, is a motto of a number of artists that I know.

A friend once told me a story about her great aunt and how when she died the family found a garage full of paintings that the aunt had done. Nobody really understood why there were so many and why nobody even knew that she painted. My friend, also an artist said that she understood. She painted because the ACT OF PAINTING brought her so much internal pleasure. She didn't have any interest in selling them, showing them off, even talking about them. To her painting was her one way of communicating with her "true self".

I call it my soul and when I am in harmony with my soul I can't do much of anything else but create. Whether I am arranging flowers, digging in the dirt, baking, sewing, painting, singing, chair dancing, we are one.

I am totally in the moment.
There is no sense of time.
No awareness of my environment.
No thoughts other than what I am doing, at the moment.
I am bliss.

When I meditate I can experience a brief moment of this bliss and when I am finished meditating I want to create.

So, what's the point? Why create?

If you honestly believe that YOU, the flesh and bones and water and minerals and whatever else your body is made up of is all that there is, then you won't get it. This isn't even close to any belief system you might have.

If you believe that you are more than this physical presence, that there is something that is part of you that lives beyond the physical body when it dies then why do you think it's part of you?
What's it's purpose?
I believe that's it's my link to much much more. That it is just one tiny little spark of light that feeds into the greatest light, something that I'm not able to even put a name to.
When I create, whether it's spreading cake batter in a pan, putting paint to a brush or threading a needle, IN THAT MOMENT I am part of a great whole.

And, because I know that and for me it's as solid as a FACT no matter what you said I would not be swayed. No matter what question you threw at me it wouldn't matter. I KNOW. I've experienced that bliss. I've felt that loss of awareness of time. I've felt that overwhelming presence of LOVE, that greater being.

Creating is a path for myself and for most of humanity as far as I am concerned. It's the process of connection that we need for our spiritual and human growth.

What's the point of creating?

Maybe I can't answer that for you. Maybe our belief systems are too different. Maybe your approach to creating something is for a different outcome. Maybe that's why you are asking that question.

Maybe it's why I never do.

I create because I have to. If someone locked me up I would sing, I would tell stories, I would scratch designs on the wall.
If I was unable to create I most likely would sicken. I'm pretty sure I would. But, if you look into my eyes maybe you could see me telling you a story.


:)Bea (((((((((I hope that helped a little))))))))))


  1. Wow, nice post and thanks so much..So many truths here for most of us I am sure. I know there is for me and it speaks quite deep. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are most welcome. It came from my heart and I thought maybe somebody needed to read it. I'm glad you stopped by. I'm glad something spoke to you. And, most of all thank you for leaving a comment. :)Bea

  3. Well said - art does heal!! I always say, I create, therefore I am!!!!Altho it would be nice to sell every now and then!!LOL

  4. I also have bins full of quilted things that I've made that are stored in my garage, and I've thought about what my daughter will do with them when I die and she has to clean out the house! But it doesn't stop me from making more and more, it's like I'm driven to make things, try new techniques, and dye more fabric.

  5. The same reasons and issues also apply to writing. I write for much the same reason. If I become published the normal way, fine. If I don't, that's fine too.

    Somehow, some way, I'll share my creations with everyone. Until then, I'll keep on keepin' on.

  6. Well said. My outlet is my blog. It's where I meet people who think like me, or who make art I admire. However, even if no one ever visited my blog or left a comment, I would still post. I am driven. That's the difference between me and those who want to make a lot of money from their art.

  7. Wow - good one Bea! And one I've been thinking about lately. Why do I create? I create for myself - it feeds my soul. When I neglect it, don't make time for it, my sould begins to whither and then my body. So important for each of us to KNOW why we create!

  8. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Ahhhhhhhhhh...........contentment abounds.

  9. Holy Cow! What a wonderful post. You certainly can write and you certainly hit the nail on the head. You said in words, EXACTLY what I feel about art and the creative spirit.

    Thanks so much for reinforcing the way I already feel. I need to keep your post bookmarked in case I ever should forget.


  10. Thank you everyone that left a comment. If your comment arrived in my email box I have responded by email.
    If not then let me say again how much I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment.
    My goal is to get more and more people creating in whatever form they decide they need to create.
    G, thanks for stopping by. You are absolutely right, writing is your form of creating but I would also add that when you aren't you are out there taking pictures too and that's another form for you. :)Bea

  11. thank you!!

    you helped me and this will help so many more
    get back to themself

    YOU (finger pointed at you) ARE and INSPIRATION!

    hugs back

  12. Hi Bea!

    Thanks for the comment, and yes the recipe is available! (there is a box to the right of the post with the same cookie kit jar mix, click on it and it should take you there..i forgot to include the link in the post!!..i was in such a hurry to post, its the sugar working over time!!!)

    Love your post too, I know why I create, write and express myself through different ways. Whether it be colour, fabric, cooking, or writing, my thoughts always find a way to come out in my work. I wouldnt change it for the world!

  13. Anonymous12:19 PM

    This is why I love you!! It's that very same FACT in me - beyond a doubt, we 'get' IT and I am so humbled and in awe and ever-joyed by this gift of knowing - of all being a part of one and other...when your words become my thoughts and serendipity and syncronicity are just events that take place as naturally as breathing. I keep thinking of ....Shirley McLean's book - "It's All in The Playing".
    Thank you Bea for saying this so well....

  14. Thank you again. All of your comments let others know that something I am saying resonates to some people and if it nudges them to shift their focus THAT is a very good thing. ALL of this positive energy is extremely helpful. Thank you again. :)Bea

  15. Aaah,,,, Geez Louise!
    AMEN SISTER,,,,no one could have said it better!

  16. If this post hasn't convinced everyone in the world to create and be happy...nothing will.

    This blog is the BEST place to come if you want to feel better FAST :)

  17. Hi Bea, thanks for visiting my blog, but now I think I'll be a regular at YOURS!!! WOW what a post to fall into...such a wonderful mantra..I wish I'd said it so eloquently!! I find the creative process very therapeutic - but it doesnt help with the laundry pile!!! *sigh*

  18. This post is so beautiful...I know all the hard road stories but I have never been more content that when I am making my sacred marks and holding a ritual in the circle of life with my family. I am so grateful for your courageous words. Bravo! Imagine and Live in Peace, mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  19. So well said, Bea, and so very true. The act of creation is a joy and a blessing, no matter what we create. I loved reading this.

  20. Thank you all again, dear friends. If you comment arrived in my email box I responded directly back to you. If you had a no-reply comment let me reply now by saying THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME to leave a comment.
    I have heard from the blogger that started this post and she says she is feeling more centered. That she has readjusted her thinking and is ready to dive back into creating, for different reasons.
    For me, that's all I could ask for. I hope she felt some connection to my words. I hope anybody that reads this post will feel something and hopefully go out and do whatever it is that they do when they create.
    In peace, :)Bea

  21. Thanks for the inspiration! I too have been struggling with what is the point and have to work at not being discouraged.

  22. ditto, ditto..
    A fabulous bit of inspiration..
    I agree totally totally..


  23. You are wonderful.

    Thank you for such a thought provoking post, very accurate and resonating!

  24. I don't know how I missed this post but I did and I'm just glad I found it. Very well said Bea and thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.