Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Tea

I had my tea at my table with my Wild Woman art doll and my newest book, Fabric Embellishing.
The tea was English Breakfast, although it was long past breakfast time. I had been to the Office Supply store and found some coils that you wrap around your wayward cords. I looked at the directions and they look easy enough to do, we'll see.
The dark clouds followed me home and I decided to leave the computer table, cords and &^#%#$ mess and go over to the studio to sit out the storm.
It certainly didn't last long. I was still drinking my tea when then sun came out again.
Isn't this the cutest little tea pot and cup. I love how it all sits together. There are different teas listed on both sides of the cup. I found this little cutie in the charity store. One person's trash is almost always going to be a treasure for me.
FABRIC EMBELLISHING The basics & Beyond has over 50 techniques. It was written by four artists, Ruth Chandler, Liz Kettle, Heather Thomas and Lauren Vlcek.
First let me say I LOVE that they had the book bound in a spiral fashion so you can actually lay each side flat. You guys have saved me taking the book to the print shop and having them rebind it in a spiral manner. WELL DONE.
It says there are over 50 techniques. Since there are 157 pages with directions, pictures, supply lists and tips, I believe it. I'm very impressed with what I have glanced at, so far.
Maybe you have tried lots of different techniques.......then maybe this might be a beginner book for you.
For me it's a good basic book that covers Foundations, fabric manipulation, rubber stamping, images on fabric, discharge dyeing, rusting fabric and devore or burn-out. Then it goes on to talk about hand embroidery, sashiko and ricing. More chapters on machine embroidery, thread lace applique, needle felting, tyvek transformations and so forth. The last section covers Hard embellishments like beads, metal, attaching paper and even more.
Look for it in your local bookstore, grab a cuppa and sit down and take a look at it. I'm quite glad I got a copy.
I hope you had time for tea, today.
Thanks for stopping by, you know I love to hear from you.
:)Bea Who managed to do a lot of dreaming, up in the studio and not a lot of actual creating.


  1. Love the low down on books before I waste my money on a less than helpful one!

  2. Can you believe I fell asleep while trying to send you a comment on cords? Looks like I'm a bit late because you already have something to contain them.

    It's good to hear you didn't try to mess with them during a storm. Storms and electricity do not mix. Glad yours didn't last long. At least maybe you have cool weather now. You could send some cool my way.

    Love that pot and cup together. I have one of those little pots, too. In fact, I used it in one of my first tea posts. Mine has the pot on the bottom, though, I think. Shucks, I'm so sleepy, I don't even remember.

    Sounds like a great book. Liz Kettle is an internet friend.

  3. Cute set... Love your Wild Woman too!

  4. this is a great wild woman!
    cute cup too
    and i am so glad you are going to rebind yourself and not take it to get a spiral binding
    it will be so intersting left to the artist to bind!

    there are a bazillion binding techniques you should find one that works great for you!

  5. I'm going to have a look for this interesting book! Love your 'wild woman'---such colours :)

  6. I will have to check this book out...I went through Tim Holz's new book for paper manipulations and using his inks and metal embossing...it is great! Thank you for stopping by to see our new baby. We are tired but Life is so good! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. Hi Bea,
    I love to hear that you spent some time dreaming - afterall, isn't it the prerequisite for creating?
    Couldn't read too much about the book, 'cause I have too many books to read... :0)

  8. Thanks for the book review!Love the wild woman and your tea cup!!!

  9. Love finsding good things like your little tea set. Love your wild woman art doll too.
    Will hvae to check out that book, as it sounds like it is full of good info.

  10. Very nice and inviting backdrop to your tea time.

    I have the book you recommended and I love it!