Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tea on Tuesday - I Finally REMEMBERED!

Isn't this just a ZETTI tea set? I love it. "D" brought it with her when she came to visit as a house gift for me. IT IS SO ME! Everything fits in that little blue saucer. She had each piece wrapped in tissue and I was clueless at first as to what went in all the little indentations.

I'm having green tea with coconut in it. It's some kind of Thai brand. It's actually very good.

Yesterday was my Mystery Book Club meeting, at the local library. Many people on vacation so we were a rather quiet group. I didn't have anything to recommend, the last two new mystery books I read were disappointing.

The one we read for the group was Hard Tack. I can't remember who wrote it. I know it's her first book. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much sailing information for me. I don't plan to sail, go on a sail boat or act on one in a movie. It was also a "locked door" mystery which frankly is quite a challenge, these days to pull off and she didn't. So, I couldn't even vote that it was a good beach read.

Our list is being complied for next year's reading. We do get to vote on the suggestions and the most votes gets selected. Getting on the list is tough because of the cut backs the librarian doesn't have any extra money to spend to buy additional copies of books. So, if there are only 1-4 copies of a suggested title it isn't "list worthy" because that's not enough for a buddy system of sharing.

I had some time this morning and went to Olbrich Gardens to take some pictures of their plantings and flowers. It's really a beautiful spot but I went without mosquito spray and that was a HUGE mistake. Even one of the garden workers was complaining that he was covered with Deet and still covered with the mosquitoes.

I felt so sorry for a tour bus of senior ladies that arrived as I was leaving. I hope they thought to bring some spray, although I'm not sure even that was going to help them.
I took about twenty steps into the gardens, snapped some quick pictures and scurried back inside the main building. Nope, I'm not that tough and I'm not sure I have enough spit in me to take care of all the bites I would get.

The sun is out now and the temperature is climbing. Another day in the low 90s for us. It's rather like opening the door and walking into a large oven. Even I find it hard to breath outside and I have pretty good lungs.

I'm off to my Mixed Media & Art Quilt group meeting, at the library. My canvas is too large to bring but I'll bring my little sketchbook cover for show and tell. It's about all I have for now.

:)Bea Keep cool, stay in your creative space and create or open the refrigerator door and stand there.


  1. I've always wanted to be in a book club a mystery book club would be fun! I've been enjoying the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency books this summer. It's a series from Alexander McCall Smith. They aren't true mysteries - his emphasis is really on characterization - and describing life in Botswana. But they're really good!

    Your coconut tea sounds really scrummie! Green tea is good with roasted barley in it too.

    Happy Tea today! I'll add you to the blog roll :)


  2. Never had coconut tea, but it sounds unique and something I would enjoy.

    I love that blue set. Blue (and cobalt at that) is my favorite color. I have that color throughout my kitchen. And this little pot and matching pieces are gorgeous.

    I was in a mystery writing club for about a year, but gave it up to make art rather than write mysteries. Reading them would have been more fun, I think.

    So glad you joined us for tea. Happy Tea Tuesday.

  3. I meant to tell you that the LOW 90s sounds AWESOME. I just checked and our temperature right now (3:30 CDT) is 103 and feels like 108. Last hour it felt like 112. So I would take low 90s in a heartbeat and swear it was a cold wave coming through.

  4. Your little tea set is you Bea, I have to say. Coconut, hummmm, I will hve to try that one.

    I'm looking for a good book for my next trip in September.

    Well, today we hit 104. I will be happy when Autumn arrives. Cooler in the evenings though. My DH and I love sitting in our yard swing in the evenings, with the nice cool breeze under the trees.
    Happy T day! Glad you joined us.

  5. Bea, have you ever read any of Karen White's books? I just finished a fairly new one of hers called On Folly Beach. Most of her novels have some type of mystery to them and this was really a good one. I also enjoy Susan Wittig Albert's China Bayles series. Each one has an herb theme so you get a mystery and learn about herbs at the same time LOL

  6. What a cute tea set! I'm not into the flavors though, just plain tea for me, not even lemon. The reading club sounds fun!

  7. Love the pic of the teaset and knew it was you--beautiful flower of the "blonde" coneflower. I'm slowly reading the book I borrowed on my trip and it is bringing back old memories of the 60s.

    My sinuses are plugged for the first time in a loooong while--I think allergies are worse this year due to the weather. I've been inside for the conference the last day and was beat last night--so no adventuring in the park. Ironically, one of the presentations yesterday was on how plane crashes are the biggest cause of occupational fatalities in Alaska and a program to reduce air crashes. It was creepy to come back to the news that TEd Stevens" had died in a crash.

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  9. I love your tea set!!! Awesome and Miss Riley on the pink chair wants to speak her mind. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart