Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sketchbook Sunday

I joined a blog, BLUE CHAIR DIARY, the link in on my blog bar, that is featuring some of the artists that are participating in the Sketchbook Project. It seems on Sunday they share, on their own blogs, a sample of what they are working on in their sketchbooks.

I decided to show the cover of my sketchbook, again. It covers both the front and the back of the journal. It's fabric paper for the base, machine quilted, additional machine stitching. The birdhouse is in the Zetti style, the roof a piece of stamped painted muslin, the house itself, painted muslin.

I still need to print out, on fabric tape the journal title and add that to the front. I cut out the bar code from the original journal and reapplied it to the back of this one.

I'll be sewing four signatures into this and each signature has four spreads. It should be nice and thick when I'm done. Some of the spreads are fabric and some are painted watercolor paper.

I just need a nice block of time to actually WORK on this.

Thanks for stopping know what you need to do today, right?



  1. This is a beautiful sketchbook cover! (You could sell those)

    I will definitely check back to see what you put inside :)

  2. Hi bea, welcome to Sunday Sketches. It's great to meet you. Your sketchbook cover is so clever. I admire your's really lovely how you used sewing and painting here!

  3. Hi Bea. I think it's absolutely lovely. Wow. The entire piece is amazing, but I have to say I love the clouds the most. :)

    Hope you have a super Sunday. Hugs!

  4. Time... ah yes, that rare commodity. I'm on the sketchbook doodlehead project/group too so see you there. Perhaps now might be a good 'time' to actually plot out what I want to do! Nice to meet you Bea :)

  5. Oops hit send before I could add how envious I am of your stunning cover. What a work of art!

  6. Anonymous2:26 PM

    I love this! The stitched embellishments are fancy and very pretty, perfect complements to the more simple (yet very creative!) birdhouse.

  7. What a great cover and so unique. Welcome to Sunday sketches.

    I am a big quilter so I love this use of fabric. Have been thinking about starting an art quilt - this further inpires me!

    Have a great Sunday!


  8. The colors of this cover are so vibrant and rich, it's gorgeous!

  9. When I grow up, I want to paint just like you. When I grow up, I want to stitch just like you. When I grow up, I want a sewing machine that does free form sewing just like yours. I sure hope I grow up soon :>)

  10. beautiful there a theme for yours...i didn't do this project this have you sketched inside it yet?
    i wanna see those too...

  11. I like the textures and how the sky look, very creative

    thanks for your visit to my sunday sketch

  12. Looks beautiful!!! I am still staring at my sketchbook for the project - ideas in my head, just have to get moving on it!!!!

  13. hello and welcome to Sunday Sketches! I enjoy this group almost every week. Your cover is fun and wonderful. I look forward to seeing what you do with the insides.

  14. Hi Bea, glad to meet you. I have been gone a couple of days and just not catching up. I love your sketchbook cover it is beautiful. Thank you for visiting my blog.