Monday, August 16, 2010

Sketchbook Project 2011

Responding to a compliment by a dear friend who said she loved my photography and I should concentrate on it and leave the Zetti behind I decided to dedicate my Sketchbook and it's theme, If You Lived Here........ to Zettiland.
That's pretty much how it works with me. Suggest to me that I leave something I love, something that helped me escape out of many boxes, behind and I'm probably going to cling to it even harder.
Once that decision had been made the process started. The top picture is the almost finished cover for the Sketchbook. I will be recovering the moleskin with this fiber piece. It's fabric paper, covered with napkins, painted and machine stitched. The birdhouse is stamped muslin which has been painted.
The next picture is of a spread called Honeycomb Valley and it's a fiber landscape on muslin and the bee hives are more of the stamped, painted muslin.
The Leaping Zetti fish are fiber applied to a painted plastered surface on muslin. It has an interesting texture to it.
Zetti sailors is another painted, fiber piece.
I still need to add text to these. I'll be including pages with instruction on techniques used.
:)Bea Zetti allows my mind to play.


  1. You've really accomplished quite a lot! I particularly like the one for the cover with the textures and stitching.

  2. Lovely, bright, and colorful!

  3. Love the color and playfulness. What's Zetti? Have to look it up.

  4. go with what you love and bedamned to even the well intentioned :)
    GREAT colours!!!!! Vey joyful and sweet without being saccharine!

  5. This is just incredible...the colors and the textures. You are on your way! Lovely! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. Hi Bea,

    I like to welcome new Tea Tuesday participants by featuring them as my blog of the day. But after poking around your wonderful blog, I would do this anyway, now that I have found your art. I really enjoy everything you do, from the Zetti to the graffiti to your fabric art. You have a wonderful and colorful style and it's an honor to welcome you to Tea Tuesday and feature your blog today (Aug 17).

  7. Very cool sketches/drawings you've made.

  8. Love the land of Zetti!!! Great colors!

  9. Hi Bea,

    I was referred to you from Elizabeth and Bluebeard's blog. She said you had some really great art and she was right. I love the very textured, layered journal you are creating and will tune back in for he finale. I'll be able to find you easily since I just became a follower~

    Have a great day ahead,
    Cheryl Dolby
    Healing Woman

  10. I would say never ever leave anything behind - take it all along on your journey and keep it in front and both sides of you, surround yourself in a diversity of wonderful creative activity,

    there is time for most things to find a recurring place in our lives, and the world would be a poorer place if these new images were missing from it.

    ps I found you by recommendation of Bleubeard & Elizabeth

  11. Of course, I'm on board with all of the above--I'm so glad you introduced me to the project and hoping I can participate, too. Will the Zetti teaset make the sketchbook in some fashion?

    xx000 D

  12. Love the Zetti fish and sailors :) Your Journal is going to be so interesting when you fill it up!!
    I'm thinking of doing this project but we'll see what the first of September brings and if it will fit in the budget LOL.
    For now I'll just enjoy your art and marvel at everything you come up with!

  13. Deborah, thanks! I love playing with all those stitches on my machine. :)

    Thanks Whimsy. I love bright colors, but then again I probably love all colors.....well maybe not olive green. :)

    Thanks Wolynski. Zetti first popped up from Teescha and Tracy Moore, artists in Seattle, WA. :)

    Thanks Arlee, you're right! :)

    Thanks Mary Helen. I forget did you decide to do one too? :)

    ELIZABETH and Bleubeard Welcome!\
    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog on yours. Very sweet of you. :)

    Thanks G! I had some fun and relaxed while doing them. :)

    Ooglebloops, that just makes me smile to say the name outloud. Yup, what's not to like about Zetti, right? lol :)

    Welcome Cherly and thank you so much for becomming a follower. I really do hope you make it back here again. I'm off to visit your blog now! :)

    Excellent advise Doone. I plan too.
    And, thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate the time you took out of your schedule to do so. :)

  14. wow, these are fabulous! Love the color :)