Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sandhill Cranes

Zeus and I saw them in a field on our outing on Friday. Remember seeing a PBS special on the Sandhill cranes and the guy who had to dress up like a momma crane to feed them? They are coming back and it's always nice to see them out in the fields.

The heat wave, here has broken. We had the windows open last night for the first time in weeks. The humidity is gone and it's a beautiful late summer day here. I hope whatever moved through here is on it's way to your area.

I can't get enough of the summer sounds. I tend to play spring bird song tapes or CDs in winter which confuses my resident bird.

I'm heading over to the studio and open up the windows and just let some wonderful fresh air inside. I know it's probably because of my weight, age or my crappy sinuses but last week with the high, high humidity and heat I was finding it uncomfortable to breathe outside. Not a pleasant feeling.

I remember when we took a trip out to Seattle and my nephew took us to this old growth forest.
I had no sooner walked the path inside when I realized I COULD BREATH. My sinuses opened right up. It was a heady feeling. I remember just standing there inhaling air until I almost felt light headed. It was as if every cell in my body wanted some of that wonderful pure air.

Despite my Wisconsin sinuses, which is a name most of us give to the condition that happens to our sinuses after living here for any length of time, I respond to smells. Or react, maybe is the word. I'm not talking about human smells or cooking smells but nature smells.

Last night after dinner Zeus and I took an evening drive. I had my camera and was hoping to take some interesting black and white photos. Apparently, Zeus needed to just drive. I gave up, even with the Sport mode on my camera we were zipping up and down roads to fast to really get any good shots. I've learned to just "let go" and realize that he needs the drive to unwind, too.
Murphy and I will get out another time for pictures.

As we were zooming up and down the back roads I could smell the evening, especially down in the valley. The plants start to release a different scent. The moisture from the day, creeks, fields makes it's way up into the air. It's cooler down in the valley, the shadows are longer and the scents are heady.

We pass by a farmer cutting his hay and the aroma coming from the cut hay is wonderful.
We pass by someone cutting their lawn and it smells like watermelons to me.
We cross over a one lane bridge and the scent from the overflowing creek bed smells of tad poll water.

I remember reading a science fiction book where the main characters had just landed on a unpopulated planet with a heavy thick growth on it. They were overwhelmed by the scents coming off of the plants and found themselves gasping for air. I bet if we had "smellavision" it would have been like that watching Avatar.

:)Bea Have a wonderful day, go play, see the world through a child's eyes, just for today.

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  1. I understand exactly how you feel--my sinuses have been awful almost all year long here in NC since I moved here 5 years ago. I'm still waiting for temps to cool down enough to turn off the AC, that won't happen til late Sept. or maybe even October. Enjoy the cooler weather!