Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Roundabouts,dreams,boundaries, ah ha!

Roundabouts............restrictive..............confusing.............circles...........unnecessary..........the four way stop worked just fine.
Thankfully, Verona isn't big enough to redo their one or two intersections.
Ok, I am not obsessing about roundabouts but that dream I had a while back is still VERY CLEAR in my mind and trust me that doesn't happen all that often. I dream, I forget. When I do keep a dream clear in my waking state it usually means I need to look at it a little more carefully.
I don't read dreams for people. I don't think anybody can tell you what a dream means. YOU are the one that understands what emotions you were experiencing when you were dreaming. YOU know what certain symbols mean when they re-occur in your dreams. AND, we have all had stress/anxiety dreams where we show up naked for something and not usually a good place to show up naked.
I admit I can be overly responsible. In my round about dream one woman hangs out her car window waving her sweater at me asking me if she needs to wear it today. Well, that harkens back to a real event. Probably 20 years ago when we were on vacation at Ocean City with the kids I was overwhelmed with the boys, their friends and not getting the relaxation I needed.
Zeus, shoved me out the rental door and told me to take a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG walk that I was on vacation and didn't need to be responsible for everything and everybody.
I started down the street, taking deep breaths and trying to release my hunched shoulders and tight neck when I heard, YOUHOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOUHOOOOOOOOOO. I glanced up and this nice lady was leaning over her balcony waving at me and then she asked me if I thought she should need to wear a sweater today. I just stared at her. Did I have OVERLY RESPONSIBLE PERSON shaved on the top of my head?
I told her yes and kept walking.
Boundaries..........something we all should learn to set up but not something we are ever really taught how to do. I have a friend that can't say no to any request. If she did she would feel guilty. As a result she often, heck always feels overwhelmed. She is always behind.
Dr. Phil, love him/hate him, tv doctor says that people do what they do because they are getting something from it or out of it. They will only stop when they no longer need that fix.
Where am I know the drill........stick with me..........I'll get there.
Today, I am cleaning out my front room. It's actually our living room and it's a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL room with one entire wall, facing west, of glass. It's also been an unused room.
Part of the problem is the furniture is uncomfortable, right now I've stacked crap from my old fiber studio, in there, which all has to be sorted and moved. And, it needs a good cleaning.
I've avoided even looking in at this room, which is hard to do since it takes up the whole front of the house.
I will sort and toss, move and relocate stuff. I will look at each thing and ask myself if I LOVE IT should it stay. AM I HANGING ON TO IT because I'm the "official record keeper"?
I will make a list of what I want to change in that room.
I will get ready to donate what makes me cringe when I look at it.
So, I will tackle this job today with my orange vest on.
I will not run around in circles wondering if I should keep this, toss that.
I will keep only that WHICH I LOVE in my spaces.
I will make a list of things that would make this space a place that I WANT to spend time in.
I will do this task with a sense of humor. I will let the clowns out of the car to run around.
I will consider going the wrong way around the room to clean it. Thus giving myself a chance to look at things with a child's eye.
:)Bea All references in blue are to early posts. Probably not labeled so you are on your own. Go, create! Find your own roundabout.


  1. Wow does this one hit home. You're very good at that LOL When are we going to change our hairstyles so that responsibility isn't shaved there?

  2. We all need to say whoa some days and play with our art materials ... I thought I also was the only one with the extreme guilt complex! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Well, maybe I need to just go bald? lol I think my head is to lumpy, though. :)Bea
    Guilt, guilt, such a waste of good energy, you know that, though. lol :)Bea

  4. WoW! I am so glad you figured it out! That dream of yours has been haunting me. Seriously, I keep thinking about it. So, maybe it is time for me to quit thinking and talking and trying to get my studio cleaned up and just DO IT!
    Hmmm...maybe you could send those clowns over to help me??? Tell them they won't need to bring a sweater.

  5. Roundabouts are new to our city, but you have given me a topic to shoot for Silent Sunday. I'm SO grateful for the inspiration.