Thursday, August 05, 2010

Red Fox

What fun we had. How silly were we. She's gone off to have some down time to visit with her sons. She'll be back on Saturday to pack up her things and travel off to a work conference.
Today, I sat and told stories while she baked three pies. Two apple and one cherry. Two she took with her to give to the boys and left one as a thank you for us. YUMMMMMMMMMMM

The weather has finally cooled off a tad. I've opened up the house, turned off the AC and I'm just enjoying the outdoor sounds again. This morning Zeus said he looked out into the yard and saw a nice Red Fox standing by our firepit.

The bird song is down. I still see them flying around but they don't seem to have much to say. It looks like the Bluebird has finished tending their last brood. The summer is winding down. I need to get back outside and tend to my neglected gardens. This summer heat has been hard on them but not apparently, on the weeds.

I got some substantial work done on a new canvas and I'll post pictures tomorrow. I'm quite please with how the layers are going.

It's time to go catch up on my blog reading.

:)Bea Create....................then go create some more.


  1. Whoa,,,I wish your header would shift some rain our direction. Our lawns are starting to get crunchy and brownish in spots.
    I also wish for some of that pie,,,either kind would be just fine, thank you.
    Sounds like you and your buddy have had a super time. I'm glad.

  2. Thats funny... I just asked Pa last weekend if you guys ever saw any foxes. I actually saw one once at my house in the winter. He was checking out my front door, looking for scraps or something. He moved on to the next house, and from that point on I started looking for tracks in the fresh morning snow to see who else had visited me during the night!

  3. Babs, when we were in Boston everything was very crunchy and brown. I hope they have gotten some rain, too. :)Bea

  4. I remember you telling us about that fox. Probably lives down in that wooded area towards the end of the road, right? :)Ma

  5. You have been gifted by the Gods with your red fox...they are so magical! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart