Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh what a tangled mess I have.

This is a disaster.
I'm in the process of moving the big bookcase that Zeus built.
Justin and Zeus moved it out of the front room and down to the lower level.
Now, my job is to move all the &#^$% that is sitting on my fold up table next to the computer and the metal baker's shelf, out of there so I can move the bookcase against the wall.

I AM WOMAN HEAR ME NOW...............I can not stand this mess of cords. I can see why people just buy a laptop and move on with their life. I can't leave it, well I could but I'm just going to have to deal with it again when I want to vacuum under that table.
Of course, I could be dead by the time that actually happens.

So, when I go to get my lunch/dinner, this afternoon I'm stopping at the office supply store and see what they have to wrap cords.
Yeah, I know I could use a twistie but I want to reward myself for getting down (no easy feat for an overweight, old lady) on the floor, under the table and untangling that mess. And, I have to stay focused so I know which darn hole the cord came out of when I go to plug it back into the whatever. sigh

As I was lying on the rug, under the table sighing deeply at this mess and unable to move anything on top of the table because of this mess and Louie strolling back and forth in front of my face, purring.........I was reminded of another time when I was told to look at a mess of something and pretend I was a detective.

No, I wasn't six years old. I was taking Advanced Anatomy, a subject, that the person putting me in that class must have laughed themselves silly that night. You must understand I never had Anatomy One.

The class was full of nurses, all trying to get their extra credits or retrain, I honestly have no idea why there were so many of them. The instructor, a pleasant man, smiled at us while he had his arms wrapped around a big box. He told us we would just be jumping right into the class.
Then he proceeded to put a dead cat in front of each one of us sitting at the tables.

I was 22. I threw up.

Not the best way to make friends in your class on your first day and what turned out to be my last day.

It took weeks for the smell of the formaldehyde to leave my senses.
The image was burned into my brain and has never left.

I dropped the course. I had no intention of ever playing detective with a dead cat.
It didn't take me hours to ponder on this, I made the decision.

So, why is it so hard for me to look at all the &^#$% that is sitting on my computer table and not be able to make a quick, hard decision, KEEP, FILE, TOSS?

I suspect it's because of something I felt when I collected that item, wrote, tore out or bought.
I have to ask myself the right question when I pick up anything and that's haaaaaaaaaaaaaaard, she whined.

I am putting on Salsa music while I do this. Maybe if I'm dancing around I can "let go" of some of this *#&^$. Wish me luck. I'm going downstairs now.

:)Bea Who has difficulty throwing anything away because she KNOWS she can CREATE something with it later. Well, almost positive she can. :)


  1. And of course the minute you throw something out is when you think of the perfect use for it! Good luck with the cords. A laptop is on my wish list too!

  2. Lol! well, at least you didnt find a dead cat back there ;)

  3. I'm sure by now you have discovered flexible tubes that you put everything through including your phone or cable line. You cut it to length when you know how long you need it. Or you don't have to decide and can leave it long. It is so flexible, it bends with the cords.

    Why we don't get rid of things? Psychologists have studied that for decades and are just now identifying hoarders as a classification all on its own.

    I was writing this message and fell asleep at my computer. I thought I had sent it, but apparently didn't. now I must send this and write a nice tea comment. What a day!

  4. I can so identify...

  5. I found the best thing for lots of wires are those round, plastic hair clip things that come in all colors and sizes - about 6 for 99 cents. You gather the wires, open it, put the wires inside and close it. Genius.