Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Must sacrifice"

Yesterday morning Zeus and I had some business to attend to over Dodgeville way. We decided to take some of the wonderful back roads and enjoy the ride. Unfortunately, a HUGE storm system was making it's way into the area. Dark, stormy skies do make for some interesting lighting when you are taking pictures.

We drove by this wonderful old Mill. The turn of the century farmhouse tucked on the side of the ridge and the Mill are for sale. Actually, I think they have been for sale for a while
I've been cleaning up assorted messes from different projects, in the studio. Put a layer of paint on a canvas and while that dries, tackle a stack of papers piled up on the work table.
It gives my mind time to think about the next projects. Maybe to much time because I sure have a lot of ideas in my head.
It's still quite warm, heck it still HOT. The weather people bubble with glee when they tell us that soon, yes, soon the heat will break and cooler temperatures will arrive.
We're off to our favorite Indian restaurant.
:)Bea Hope you are creating!


  1. The mill is really a treasure. Where was it?

    Getting ready to fly to Atlanta tomorrow. Good Friday. Not much done yesterday--so today is a work day. I am sooo jealous about missing the Indian restaurant. But am dabbling in cooking it and incorporating plum chutney:))))))


  2. Bea, I don't think I've mentioned before but I think your photographs are just fabulous. I always love coming to your blog because I never know what I'm going to see next. What a gift you have!

  3. What a beautiful part of the country you live in - great photos.

  4. lovely photos of the always make me smile with your commentary...