Thursday, August 12, 2010

A little down time.

I'm spending the morning at the car dealership. It seems the drive shaft on the steering column needs repair. The service waiting room is quite impressive here. They have a huge brewing machine that you punch in numbers and it makes any kind of coffee, strength, cocoa or tea that you want. The popcorn machine is popping pop corn and boy does that smell good. They have individual ports for computer users and free Internet.

Someone just came through with a cart with fresh baked cookies, FREE. Children are off in a nice glassed in room with toys and a TV. We get the big TV with some dribble show on right now. I'm sitting where I can see into the kids area and Sesame Street, far more interesting.

I've been visiting blogs, catching up, doing some bookwork, looking at Internet workshops and enjoying my time here. And, not a soul can see my legs because I'm parked at one of the Internet desks.

I finished my fourth canvas for my The Soul Speaks series. I'll post a picture when I get back to the studio. I may keep continuing this one on canvas but I been making some notes about moving to fiber next.

This may be a theme I explore for quite a while.

I'm taking an Internet class that starts August 27th. Its called Towers and Turrets.
I want to learn a little jewelry making to play with in my mixed media. You know they got me with the music to the video!

I need to find my book by Laurie Mika, Mixed Media Mosaics. She's teaching a class at Valley Ridge in September. I would love to take it but I'll be traveling to New Mexico with Zeus.
So, I think I will find her book on my book shelves and see what it inspires me to create.

I can't seem to find any pictures on Zeus's laptop. I thought for sure I had downloaded some here from previous trips. Oh well, I'll add something when I get home.

:)Bea Who is dreaming about creating while she eats popcorn at the dealership.


  1. You don't like people looking at your legs???

  2. This sounds like a fun workshop. Something Sublime is one of my favorite blogs.

  3. So much to little time.
    I have that book! For years...I would give you mine, but it is one of my beloveds :)

    Sesame Street is something I miss...Great show. Almost as good as Mr. Rogers and Kaptain Kangaroo.

  4. It is surely another world where you live. All our car repair places are scruffy with torn seats and nothing to do at all. You are so lucky!

    What fun you are going to have creating at those online classes. xx