Saturday, August 28, 2010

Is this happy or what?

Chip, the pony was owned, for 15 years by a lady that didn't really ride him much. He kept coming over to the rail next to where I was sitting and giving me a big toothy smile. I think he thought I looked like his old owner and he was ready to go home now.

He was a good pony for Hayden to ride. She was off the training lead yesterday and got to walk, trot and canter Chip around the ring. This picture was taken after she and Chip had done a few laps around the ring. Is that happiness or what?

Her family arrived from Minnesota, last night and it's been happy noise ever since. This morning 9 people crowded around the kitchen table, talking, giggling, whining and passing plates of pancakes, bacon and sausage to each other. Debates erupted over whether blueberry or pecans in the batter were better. Hayden added chocolate chips to hers.

Zeus is making a run to Subway for lunch then the afternoon in the pool for the last time, this summer. Dinner will be brat patties on the grill, corn on the cob and scalloped potatoes. The strawberries are simmering on the stove and the pound cake is made for dessert.

My driveway is already starting to fill with falling leaves. It's very hard to let go of summer.
It was hot and humid but oh so wonderful. I look out my computer window at the edge of the woods and there are so many different shades of green and now a hint of yellow and red popping up. The sumac are starting to turn red.

Hayden and I went school clothes shopping yesterday. He loves sparklie and we found some adorable outfits with lots of sparkles on them. We shopped at Farm and Fleet, the clothing isles right next to the lawn tractors and seed packets. We found a wonderful winter coat and underwear that features some sort of teen band on them. Amazing.

I thoroughly enjoyed my special week with Hayden. She is growing up into a lovely, kind, funny, helpful, silly young lady. I'm looking forward to next year, maybe two weeks? We'll see.

I'm off to move the sprinkler. All the rain over the summer and now we've had a dry spell for a week. My gardens are looking a tad dry. I'll water some more and then pull weeds. Then cannon ball into the pool much to my grandchildren's delight!

Zeus is chopping wood for our last, end of the summer bonfire. I've got the marshmallows, the graham crackers and chocolate bars. Guess what we're having?

I hope whatever you are doing it is bring you joy. I hope you remind yourself to smile, look up at the sky, stop and listen to the sounds around you. I hope that today you can spend at least five minutes looking around you as if you were a small child.

:)Bea Just create, what in the world are you waiting for?


  1. sounds like a delightful day
    even if it marks the "end" to a special event and season
    it is dry here too
    and the signs of fall are emerging

    enjoy your special evening and i hope you continue to give the horse a scratch or two once hayden is gone
    i am sure he will be appreciative


  2. What a great day! She's a beautiful little girl!

  3. WE had our first cool morning...73 degrees. It was so nice sitting outside drinking my tea with my hubby. I'm ready for autumn but I think we will probably have some more of summer here. I believe it was just teasing us. The cicadas are still singing and it was 102 this afternoon.

  4. What a splendid day. I wouldn't mind some Subway about now. And I totally wish Autumn would come here these beautiful mountains. I am SO easgar for the fall season, as for me, it often sooths the hurting soul...

  5. I wish we could share these moments together in person but until tha time travel thing happens I love reading your posts of JOY! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen