Thursday, August 26, 2010

I just like the sign on the back of the horse van.

Riley is finally in bed. The poor thing has ear infections in both ears. The original medicine wasn't strong enough so it didn't do the job. She's been fussy and unhappy all week, not her normal cheerful self. NOW, we all know why.

Hayden was a big help, playing with her, this evening and then helping me get her ready for bed.
Mary is off at her first evening class at the Technical College. She's taking two this semester, one in the evening and one before work. I'm proud of her, she's working hard as a single mom trying to get her education now.

This morning was a round of quick errands with Hayden then off to the studio to meet with the Mixed Media and Art Quilt artists. They arrived at noon with their brown bags in tow and I don't think we all stopped talking until 3:30pm!

Hayden was up working, in the studio, while we were there. I heard one of the women tell her that we sounded a lot like second graders, right? She agreed. Discussing the ratio of Tacky glue to water for making the paste for fabric paper or what the right consistency for flour paste should be.

Some of the group did some painting of their dried flour paste fabric. That has to dry, then be gently rinsed off and the where the flour paste acted as a resist it will be a different color from the painted areas.

There were five of us which seemed like a large group with all the laughing and chattering.
I'll have to make room for the next time when those that have been on vacation this summer make it to a workshop.

I'm so glad I have a big enough space that other artists can come and play. The sound of the happy chatter is on the same par as the carefree sounds of children playing in the pool. I want to bottle them up and save them for a dreary winter day.

I'm making some really special memories up there in the studio. Times well spent with friends and family, just working together, sharing, delighting is what the other person is creating.

I am very grateful.

Ok, I'm bushed. I'm feeling my I'm feeling how uncomfortable this bra is. Time to get into my jammies and watch a movie with Hayden.

:)Bea I hope you did something creative today. I hope you have wonderful creative dreams and that tomorrow brings more opportunities for you to create.


  1. Bras are the worst.
    Except if you don't have one on under your white night gown when the UPS guy needs you...

  2. i didn't get to be creative today but i thought about it
    i hate bras...and in a few more years i do not care how bad i scare the people!
    lisa i am reading my note back to myself checking spelling that matters and i see your message
    i hate that too!
    and sun behind you
    maybe when i was 18 sssuuuure

    hope the earaches improve!
    and um
    big and rich...hello where have you been bea
    save a horse ride a cowboy...#1 song for them...

  3. You two! lolol I guess I've been out of the loop. I love winter when I can go back to wearing my flannel shirts and no bra. :)Bea

  4. Actually, the stars are aligned, the universe is in it's order, God is in His heaven...and all is right with our world...for's all a part of our devine life!
    Hugs, Dotti

  5. I can just hear the laughter now. It sounds like you had such a fun time with your group of giggly women. The techniques you experimented with sound interesting. As far as bras go, I can tell you some funny "underwire" stories. LOL

  6. I am not sure about that sign. A double entendre if I've ever read one. Got a good laugh, though.

    I got another laugh at the phrase "gently rinsed" while thinking about the flour paste I used for fabric resist recently. There was no "gentle" about it. I had to scrub, rub, scrape, blast with a jet stream, and beat on a rock in the river to get that stuff out.

    Have a great day, dear.

  7. Thanks Dotti! :)Bea

    Oh, I bet we have the same T-shirt concerning those stories but I would still like to hear yours! lololsnort :)Bea

    You know, I didn't gently rinse but I did fill the laundry tub, in the garage with REALLY, REALLY hot water and soaked the fabric. Then I just rubbed it between my hands and the paste came off.
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how they turned out. I want to do this again. :)Bea

  8. Isn't it great getting together with a bunch of women who know how to have fun!
    I'm all for burning the bra...always have been! LOL
    Hope Riley is feeling better.
    I tell you...after a week in Dallas, I was wanting to stay in my jammies for about 2 days! LOL Feeling my age too Bea!

  9. Oh Hayden sounds so lovely and helpful and fun. Poor poor Riley. Earache is just awful. I do hope she's better by now.

    I love the sound of you ladies in the studio - I can hear them in my head. I hate wearing a bra but needs must! xxx

  10. I hope the new antibiotic works quick and gets Riley back to her happy little self soonest!!! Always hated that when the boys got ear infections. What a sweetie Hayden is to help you out :)

    I love hearing about your studio fun with the group, I bet that was a blast having everything there playing with the flour paste etc!

    ROFL at the sign on the horse trailer. Yeah... it's a Big N Rich song... pretty good song actually LOL.
    And oh I so agree with you, and the other, best time of night is when the bra comes off. Whew, what a relief!