Monday, August 23, 2010

Good morning CAMPERS!
Don't you wish you were at camp? Any kind of camp? A grownup creative arts camp? With lots of like minded, excited to be there, happy to be surrounded by creativity people? Well, blogs are kinda, maybe a little itty bitty like that, right?

So, it's Monday, August 23rd and my 19th summer is rolling to an end. It seems to have been a really busy summer. That may be because I'm getting older and slower and things take longer to do or it really was busy.
I know that with all this rain and humidity we have had everything has grown TWICE as fast as it should. My garden is neglected, really neglected because the bugs are terrible. I know my hearing isn't as great as it was but you should hear those mosquitoes when they zero in on you and fly past your ears.

Hayden is here for the week. That's my 10 year old, oldest granddaughter. She's been doing this "week with grammybea camp" for two years now. She seems to have a good time because she wants to come back. I have to sit down with her this morning and get an idea of what kinds of things she wants to do. I have some ideas I might just present for her approval.

And, of course it's the last week in August and time for the posting of the August Native American Full Moon Art Doll or Object. Sadly, I've just put this whole project on hold this summer. The little time I have gotten to spend in the studio I haven't been focused on this one.
BUT, I AM NOT QUITTING ON THIS. I will do some make up work when fall starts.

Remember folks, we were doing this project for ourselves and our own collections. So, if you managed to get one, two or four done, good for you. If you want to jump back in in the fall and work on those, great. It's not an all or nothing thing. We're creating something that speaks to us.
And, if we are on top of our game we will have 12 art dolls or objects for our collection when we wrap this up in December. If not you still have some gorgeous art work that you have created.
BUT, if you did make something for this month and you want me to post a link to your blog let me know at:

Now, up in the right hand corner of my blog you will see a link called THE BUTTERFLY PROJECT. Click on it and it will take you to Trudi's blog, Two dress studio where she tells you all about this amazing project. It really is WORTH taking the time to go over there and read about it.

Again, I want to thank all of you newbies to the blog that have become FOLLOWERS.
Also, if for some reason you are a FOLLOWER of my blog and I haven't been courteous enough to become one on your blog, PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL and let me know. It probably means that I was so busy reading and commenting on your blog that I forgot to do it. Don't be shy, let me know, ok? Just send me an email at the above address.

I have to go make pancakes for the campers. Stay tuned for our daily adventures at Miss Peabody's Creative Camp.

:)Bea Create because it makes your soul SING.


  1. Oh a creative summer camp would be fun wouldn't it?! I always imagine that's what the quilters/stitchers/beaders retreat would be like!

    Right there with you on the garden neglect. Only here it's been the heat.

    I hope the two of you have a great week together doing tons of fun stuff!

  2. Yes, - when is the camp bus going to pick me up??? I wanna be there rather than here in front of my computer at work!

  3. Anonymous12:27 PM

    A grown-up creative arts camp would be nice, but I need creature comforts, so a camp with all of those too would be nice. I'm behind on my Native American Full Moon doll for this month, but will hop to it soon. I thought of it last night when I noticed the moon was almost full. Still deciding which name to use -- sturgeon moon or red moon.

  4. I've been to a grown up camp for art. It was called a basket seminar and it was absolutely fantastic. It wasn't just baskets we were involved in but weaving and gourd making. The teachers were from Ca. and the class was in Tenn. It was far into the country and I loved it. Since then, I have had camps for my grandchildren too. I know you will make a tradition of this one, if you haven't already. I'll bet you have a ball.

  5. Oh what fun you two are going to have. Ten is such a great age. She'll remember her lovely Grammabea for all the wonderful things you do together.