Sunday, August 15, 2010

Finished for now.

There they are the four "whispers from my soul", my Graffiti Art.
Something happened in the process of creating these. It no longer matters to me if they appeal to anyone. Each one of these was created in the space of quiet. I lost track of time. I was listening to an inner voice. I can run my hand over these painting and remember every single layer I applied to the canvas. They are not what I expected them to say. They are not in "traditional" graffiti work as I was told by someone close to me. Doesn't matter.
I originally thought I would be putting bright colorful banners above my studio windows. Banners with messages on them. It's not what happened and it's ok and I'm ok with the change of plans. Sometimes I honestly think I'M IN CHARGE. I forget that when I am really in the middle of creating I am just the vessel. I'm the one with the paint pot, the brush, the hands and tools to do the work.
So, these will get hung above the windows when Zeus can remember to bring over the BIG ladder. Sometime in the new year, if the Mixed Media & Fiber Art group that I am part of, pulls it together, we will have some gallery space in the Senior Center downtown. Then I will take these down and hang them there for a while.
It's all good.
:)Bea Who is humming from her studio time.


  1. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Great work, Bea! I can see why you were humming.....

  2. I like it when I think ...I think I am in control. Smile it sounds like you are really cooking in the studio. I LOVED Diane's work and i had seen her years ago but somehow lost contact. Thank you, Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. It should never matter what others think because every person will think something different anyways. You are an artist Bea and it shows in these pieces. What you feel shows you are an artist. that is why we create and that is how we savor the day!

  4. Are you going round Wisconsin with a can of spray paint now?

  5. WOW! The grafitti turned out fabulous! I need a layering lesson next time I visit.