Saturday, August 07, 2010

Dreams, government, clowns and round-abouts.

We, Zeus and I sat through two and half hours of a movie, last night only to leave the theater thankful that our senior status got us reduced fare on the tickets. I know a number of people, my own children, in fact saw Inception and liked it. Shari told me that Justin didn't even fall asleep through it. Maybe it was because it was filled with lots of fast moving chase scenes or gun scenes or total silliness scenes.
The dream state is a fascinating subject and if the writers had taken the time to think of another plot for the subject of dreams they might have had a winner. I can not begin to tell you the amount of time Zeus and I spent, on the drive home, complaining about this movie. It made my hair hurt.

So, we pick up the mail on our way in from the movie. Yes, Social Security has ONCE AGAIN sent me an update on my status. I am short points. I do not have the required points to qualify for Medicare, etc. I need to get a job is their not so subtle reminder to me. GO TO WORK.
PAY TAXES and GET YOUR POINTS. Years of mothering, volunteer work, Hospice work, being a children's advocate, mean nothing, ZIP, ZERO because they were volunteer, UNPAID WORK.
HOW DARE I? It's such a pissy little letter and they keep sending it to me and as I approach 62 they seem to UP the amount of them that they send. sigh

Imagine then that when I went to sleep I wasn't in my usual relaxed mode. Bad movie, bad government letter, bad, bad, bad..............................................................

I opened the letter, another one from the Social Security Department. This one a different color.
Dear Ms. You need to get a job. You have not responded to our frequent letters and gone out and gotten one so we have done it for you.
You will report to work IMMEDIATELY. You will be a Round-About- Supervisor. You will stand in the middle of our newest round-about in Mt. Horeb and direct confused drivers which way they should enter and exit the round-about.

You will wear an orange vest.

It's hot.

I'm standing in the middle of the round-about in my bright orange vest. How hard can this be, you enter carefully when there isn't another car coming at you, get in the correct lane and exit when you need to.
So, why are those clowns causing so much trouble?

NO REALLY, why is that car full of clowns going round and round, stopping and letting them get out and run around the round-about before they get back in the car?

I do not like this job. This job sucks.
Why is that woman hanging out of her car window shouting at me, "Do I need a sweater?"
I seem to be responsible for this mess.
I can hear Louie, whispering, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.

Zeus wakes me up to tell me it's time to go for our Saturday morning coffee, thank the Goddess.


  1. Oh oh. Well, at least you saved me full ticket price - I won't see it now.

    Bea - I have the perfect job for you - write them back and tell them you will name their rooms for them...and then name one room, reserved for people whose only skill set is not getting fired....but make sure it's the biggest room. Most will have to fit in there. Give them a photocopy machine so they can save time not having to recomopose the same messages over and over.

    I mentioned your skill for naming rooms on my blog today - so be prepared for the slew of job offers coming your way.


  2. Now I think the round-about job would fit into that TV program about the worst jobs to have LOL And I cracked up at Trudi's comment too LOLOLOL

  3. Thank you both for your sincere concern. I appreciate the posting and am awaiting the job offers. I cringe to think what might be coming. You both crack me up. LOLOLSnORT :)Bea

  4. Now that sounds like an exhausting
    dream...I've definatly crossed that movie off my list. I'm waiting for Eat Pray Love.

  5. Well, you saved me some money too Bea. I was just fixing to go see Inception, but now I probably won't. I hope Eat, Pray, Love is just as good as the book, as it's one of my favorite books. But you never know.
    I agree...volunteer work should count for something!

  6. I heard that only the last 5 years of your work life counts towards SS. Bastards. It's just an excuse not to pay out.

    The banksters have appropriated everyone's pensions and now they're starting on SS.

    Have Zeus create a job for you and pay you - that way you'll have your points.