Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day Two, still hanging in there & Tea for Tuesday!

I know, I know............I'm recycling a previous picture of my wonderful tea set. Putting aside the fact I love it and it's Tea on Tuesday and I'm trying really hard to participate.......ok just remember what day it is..........this is what I'm posting. TA DAAAAAAAAAAAA

I wish I had had that tea this morning. Instead I had my tea, cold, unsweetened in a plastic cup with a straw from MickyDs. I asked for "light ice" rattled the cup and told the guy that light ice didn't mean NO ICE, come on.....sigh.

Hayden and I had our photo shoot this morning at Olbrich Gardens. She took her new PINK point and shoot, drugstore camera, that does a lot of amazing things for $10.00. She gets 50 pictures on it so she had to decide how many she was going to devote to the different subjects we were going to be covering, this week.

She decided on 10 for the flowers and butterflies, 10 for landscape on the back roads, 10 for family, friends and animals, 10 for horseback riding and 5 for architecture and 5 for screw ups in counting.

At the gardens I would hear her muttering, well that's no good and deleting pictures. lol I'm trying to get her to really think about what she's taking and composition. She's a fast learner so I'm curious to see how they turn out. The only problem with the camera is that you can't hook it up to your own computer it has to be the drugstore's computer. I'm hoping that she can do any editing she wants at that time.

Today, she had her riding lesson on Amber a beautiful, young looking, 19 year old, Chestnut colored, Arabian horse. I swear that horse understands English. After taking off the saddle, bridle and blanket, Hayden got an apple for Amber, asked her if she wanted it and the horse nodded her head up and down. Amber is known for teaching riders how to ride. She certainly worked Hayden today at cantering. Hayden got off the horse and said her legs felt like jelly.

I was going to take her over to the studio for a couple of hours but right now she's passed out on the bed, again. This is her second nap, today. The kid is out of shape!

Hopefully, we can get over there tomorrow morning. I'll post some pictures later tonight after I remember to bring the camera up and download what I have taken so far.

Next week I'll have a nice new picture for Tea for Tuesday, I promise. Trust me, would this face lie?

:)Bea Whose grandchildren don't make her feel young but more the age she really is.
At least you can create at any age.


  1. I adore that tea set!

  2. Hayden seems like a very smart little girl...spending a week with your grammy is a treasure forever.
    I always look foward to your pictures...and your stories. There is always a gem of wisdom and a little laugh :)

  3. It really IS ok to recycle your photos. I should have that of that. And I still love that tea set.

    Have a great grandparent evening.

  4. What is wrong with me today? I can't write and don't proof anything when I'm in a hurry. I meant "I should have THOUGHT" of that. Hope that makes more sense! Example of brain moving faster than fingers!

  5. I also love this tea set..and naps are fabulous! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. i love that teacup and pot!...and i have found a working blog for you!
    not all your links come up when i have looked
    i know this has on occasion because i have been here
    i will fix this dilemma
    i shall add you to MY list
    okay i have moments

    thank you for supporting my blog diligently
    i appreciate that


  7. I don't mind that you re-printed a photo of your tea set - I missed it the first time around!!!!

    And, yes, a good horse, does understand English- ours do!! And that is the best one to be a teacher for a child- a push button horse!!!

  8. Ooh, love that crazy teapot.

  9. Fabulous teapot. I forgot to say how I love the photo you are using for your header and what a shame it has been chopped off!

    What fun Hayden must be having. I'm glad she's loving her horse riding. I remember that feeling of your legs like jelly after riding. I do hope she is happy with her photos. It's awful when you take a few and they're rubbish. I'm sure with Bea's tuition they will be great.