Monday, August 23, 2010


Hayden learned to ride on a HUGE saddle horse. Now, that's term that this different riding stables uses. Here they use quarter horses. Even the saddles are a little different. Erin, Hayden's instructor worked on having Hayden get better balance on her horse Tessa. Erin refers to Hayden's four lessons this week as "boot camp" for her. She even had her going through some of the things that they have to do at a horse show.
Hayden was getting Tessa to go in and out and around some cones, on the ground. Then she came up to a rope gate and had to open the gate and make her horse go backwards.
Pretty impressive for a watching Grammybea.

Tomorrow, Hayden is going to be riding Amber. Apparently, Amber is known to put riders through their paces. It's all good.

We ran errands this morning, did our grocery shopping, Hayden helped make our chicken casserole for dinner. She's got her new little pink digital camera from the drugstore. We'll be heading out to Olbrich gardens tomorrow morning WITH our insect spray for a photo shoot.

We also stopped at the public library this morning. Who knew that you could pick out a good book by only looking at pink books! Apparently, I missed that lesson. Anyway, she seems to be happy with her selection.

Now, she is off to do her flash cards and then help me pick up Riley from daycare.

Grammybea is going to be collapsing soon................

:)Bea Create, create, create just because you can, you've got those thumbs you know.


  1. Horse rides and pink books....that would make me delighted as much! :) What a fun read.

    Happy Monday, Bea!

  2. Anonymous5:38 PM

    I get a turn at this Nana care starting tomorrow for a couple days. Will remember the tip about pink books! :)

  3. I'm back! Hoorah. What a lovely Grammabea post! Lucky Hayden doing all that riding. I used to love it but it's so expensive in the UK. Pink books? What fun!

  4. What do you think of the new horse place? Sounds like it's a much better experience from your description.

  5. Horse camp is so much fun - my daughter used to attend and later teach at one!! To paraphrase Churchill(?)The outside of a horse, is good for the inside of a little girl!!!!!

  6. This is adorable. Such great photos, and the comment about thumbs had me rolling!