Friday, August 20, 2010

Creativity and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Laura, over at Periwinkle Art Quilts blog, posted a link for a creativity quiz. What’s your creative style? « Psychologies.
It's a nice feel good kind of test.
Do go check out Karen's blog, too.

This is how I came out.

"Creativity is a release
For you, creativity is first and foremost a form of expression: it creates a special link between the internal and external worlds.

It allows you to get a grasp of your powerful emotions, by moulding them into a physical form. In fact, the most important thing for you is to be able to release your emotions. You need to be able to touch them or look at them in concrete form, and to do that you have to find a way to make them come alive. This is how your desires and anxieties take shape.
Keeping things bottled up creates a tension that can only be resolved once you have expressed how you feel. This means you have to be strong enough not to let yourself get swept away by chaotic impulses; if you turn your creative urges on everyday life — making a picnic, singing to the baby, choosing what to wear — you can express yourself while staying rooted in reality.
Creativity is principally cathartic. It relieves a deep need, an almost primal, archaic impulse.
For you, being creative is about having the power to give form to something you feel, to those deep personal issues that are often raw and disorganised. For these reasons you are usually attracted to art that demands physicality, that allows you to express what’s inside, and that unites spontaneity, strength, freedom, power and movement."

Well, it works for me!

Speaking of CREATIVITY, if you haven't had a change to see the SWEDISH VERSION of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I highly recommend it. Yes, like the book it is a little brutal in some parts.
We saw it at the discount theater, the 6:30 showing. I thought the place would be practically empty. I was wrong. It was quite full of middle age and older folks. At least that's what I saw when the movie was over and the lights came up. Sooooooooooooo, I was pleasantly surprised that at certain moments, in the film, when "justice" was being done, there were quite a few members of the audience CHEERING, yours truly along with them.

I like an interactive audience. :)

I don't really care what Hollywood is going to do with the books, I'm sorry but I just don't think they can touch the original version.


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  2. I saw the Swedish version too and thought it was very good. I'm skeptical of the Hollywood version - not sure what they'll do with it. Yep, it was brutal but that was the whole point, the terrible things that Lisbeth had endured, and her talent for getting revenge! I understand all three books have been made into movies in Sweden. I'll be watching for them on Netflix!

  3. I didn't know they had done the third one. WHoooohooo :)Bea

  4. I will try this quiz when I can catch my breath...the week just flew by but today we hung the exhibit for next Friday's opening. I will try to order the Swedish version of this incredible book...right now we have the new Dexter series. Yes it is very bizarre but somehow we got hooked last summer. Have a great weekend! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. After reading the book, I might like to see the Swedish version. I'm not looking forward to the HW version. They tend to butcher books. IMHO

  6. Mia and I saw the swedish version.
    What we both found interesting, was how we didn't have to read the in the world do we understand Swedish???
    We go to every foriegn film we can and this never happened before.

    I took the quiz.
    Creativity enriches me.

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    Happy Sunday!!

  8. Hey, thanks for joining!!! :) Yeah. Please make sure to "follow" here as well:

    That way the other sketchbook project pals can visit your regular blog as well.

    Looking forward to the journey. :)

    PS Feel free to post about anything to do with the project at any time.

  9. Oh those quizzes are always such good chewing gum for the brain!
    Bea - thank you for playing alongside me in The Butterfly Effect - it feels good knowing this is something anyone can enjoy, it's the right price and it sends such a good message. It happens you were one of the first people who came to mind when I started to think about it.

    On to Hollywood smollywood - I say, head to the foreign film section at Block Buster and look for those obscure titles with Cannes Festival wings stamped all over them...or even better, just read Bea's blog.

    We rented a Sundance Festival winner this past week - very very low budget - Spanish with Eng subs,
    just as I was about to give up, it turned a corner and the next thing I knew the character had crept right inside my heart and had me laughing and crying, leaving me with a lovely message... I wouldn't recommend it but I also wouldn't have traded it for the top 5 now featured from you know where.

  10. My results of the quiz were the same as yours.Fun.

    I haven't seen either of the film versions, but have read the book.I almost didn't stay with it in the beginning, as I thought it had a very slow, dragging start.But I'm very glad I stayed with it.
    I might enjoy the swedish, but have NO plans to see the hollycrap version, as I never think the movie is as good as the book.

  11. I saw the Swedish film - enjoyed it. In the DVD extras, they had an interview with the actress - a long-haired, smiley, demure little thing - not at all like what she played.

    Don't know why films have to be re-made for the American market, but maybe most folk can't read subtitles. So dub them.

    I would cast Kristen Stewart for the American version.

    As for creativity - it's not enough for people to make art, they also have to be taught to appreciate it and receive it from others.