Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chair hogs, July Full Moon Art Doll and leg hair, can you stand it?

"Boy dogs should sit on the blue chairs and little girls in pink on the pink chairs." Random thoughts from Riley Suzanne, if she could put them in words.
I can't remember if I posted this link to Barbara's July Native American Full Moon art doll.

I think it might have gotten lost in the excitement of the 1000th post.

Do take time to pop over to her blog and look at this amazing art doll. What a lot of creative skill went into this.

I have to regroup up in the studio. I'm not sure where I am with my Full Moon art dolls or mixed media pieces. I do know that once the chores, fun and sun of the summer are over I will be getting back on my semi regular studio schedule. Then I will finish up the rest of the months, ON TIME.

Please don't hesitate to remind me if you have completed a project for the month. I will be posting links for the August Full Moon projects the last week in August. You still have time, DON'T PANIC.

I didn't sleep well last night, spent time wandering around the house. So, of course, this morning I was rather groggy when Zeus gave me instructions about taking his car in to the shop. I muttered, nodded, burrowed down deeper into my covers and went back to sleep. I awoke running late, of course. The car had to be in at 9:00. I had a half hour to get ready.

I showered and debated whether or not I should take the time to shave my legs. Honestly, there are days that I wish I was the REBEL back in the late 60s, letting my body hair just grow. I was so proud of my long soft leg hair. What a statement I was making. I AM WOMAN. Yeah, right.

Didn't last long. Long hair on legs squished under pantyhose looks disgusting.

Now, though I'm thinking about it again. It's just one more thing I have to do, you know?

I did take care of things. I guessed if I had to sit in the waiting room of the Service Department for an hour or so I didn't want anybody taking a long look at the condition of my legs. Isn't it silly sometimes what occupies our attention? Like anybody really gives a rip about an old woman's legs.

Yesterday, I dealt with the whole issue by simply wearing a long colorful skirt, a la 60s style.

One woman asked me if I was hot. Surprisingly not, I replied. There is something to be said about a long airy cotton skirt in 90 degree heat.

Anywho, long story, I know but after getting dressed, gulping breakfast I glanced at the calendar only to see that that car appointment is for tomorrow morning. My bed looked very inviting except it was made and I wasn't about to redo chores.

I did some cleaning up in the studio and got some more layers on my latest Graffiti canvas of the Series. I also did my morning meditation and loud and clear the name of the Series came through, FINALLY.......THE SOUL SPEAKS.

Well, there you go, I hope you are having a productive Wednesday.

:)Bea Anytime you create it's productive, you know.


  1. That art doll is very clever, thanks for the link.

    I am so laffin' about the leg hair,,,as I often also wonder: "will anyone notice?"
    (like anyone cares haha)

    Adorable photo of the chair hogs!

  2. Babs, I had a friend, rushing around getting ready for a big, BIG dinner with the Dean of the college. She was multi tasking even in the tub. She got to the dinner party, sat down and realized that she only shaved one leg. She said she had to spend the evening sitting in the MOST uncomfortable positions to hide the hairy leg. :)Bea

  3. That baby!
    Seriously, how cute can you be?

    At least tomorrow you can sleep an extra 10 minutes since the shaving chore is out of the way...I do that long skirt trick ALL the time!


    I did have a productive Wed. In spite of it being so hot you can HEAR the heat.

    Your comment on my blog...thank you :)

  4. I wear long skirts and slacks to work so I rarely shave. I've noticed that my hair is lighter now that I'm older too. Not gray, but a paler shade of black. LOL! I love the freedom of not giving a hoot. Now if I could only do something about those toe nails.

  5. Oh Bea you make me laugh every time! You must still be a young chick to have leg hair. Mine all migrated to my face and I only have to shave about once a month and then only about 3 hairs on each leg. Of course that's only the legs! Lucky me! LOLOLOL

  6. PS That picture of the pink chair and baby was just adorable! What a cutie!

  7. Fantastic pic of child in chair.

    Multitasking can backfire sometimes when you least expect. So long as you can face it with a sense of humor, you should be golden.

    Nice pic for the header as well.

  8. Thanks G. That's my granddaughter Riley, she's one. Blogger finally setted down and stopped making my header so HUGE that people couldn't even see the whole picture. You know, the older I get the harder it is to multitask. The problem is remembering what it was I was doing in the first place. :)Bea

  9. I learn SO much on the internet, when looking at links I would normally never be exposed to. The art doll is simply gorgeous, and I learned that buck deer antlers begin to grow in July. I was totally impressed with this bit of wisdom. You never know when this will be a question on Jeopardy.

    I haven't shaved my legs since the 60s. OK, just joking, but the thought of wearing panty hose made me so hot, I nearly missed the long skirt. And you are right. I would much prefer to wear a long skirt (or even better a dress) on a hot day than shorts and a top. Believe me, I wish I had opted for that yesterday. Thanks for the great laugh this morning.