Friday, August 06, 2010

Back, back in the stoooooooooodiooooooooo

This canvas has 11 layers, at this stage. I'm very happy with what is developing. This is another canvas for my Graffiti wall series. The last layers that I added produced a lot of texture to the piece. Not finished but getting there.
I also worked on my cover for my Sketchbook Project. The base is drapery lining with cheesecloth added then I added tissue napkins to the bottom and painted the sky. I'm going to be adding a photograph that I took last year of a birdhouse with sunflowers in the background.
I'm still debating about whether I want the birdhouse done in fabric or a photo transfer.
The theme that I chose for my sketchbook is, If You Lived Here.......
I know that sounds rather dull but my homes are going to be homes for Zetties. That throws the doors and windows WIDE OPEN!

It's really a lovely day here, not hot or humid just a wonderful summer day. I'm just relaxing, and enjoying the sounds of summer. My house guest returns tomorrow evening then she is off again Sunday morning. I have a little break next week then the following week Hayden will be returning for a week here.

It's the third year she has come to Grammy Camp. I hope we get done half of the list of things that she says that she wants to do.

Justin, Shari and the boys, will drive down that last weekend in August to pick her up and we'll all just have a wonderful last weekend enjoying the pool, good food, silliness and hopefully lots of sunshine.

I'm having a hard time adjusting to the fact that it's August already. This summer seems to have flown by.

:)Bea Who hopes that you are enjoying your summer and doing some creating.


  1. Today has been insane with people dropping by my new studio space and the weather was perfect for the courtyard music. I am having a very difficult time realizing that it is August myself,,,Grammy camp is totally cool and will be even more valuable as she grows and thinks back for the individual attention and the art explorations with you BEA! No one can better a grandma's love ...for now as they are young and impressionable I live to hear "You rock Grandma!!!" Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
    I love the textures in the newest works!

  2. I am doing the sketch book roject too!!! Did you mention it before when I was zoned out???
    I came across it by happenstance just the other day. I am kinda excited about it. I am not a journal-er so much, so this will stretch my creative muscles :)

  3. Whoa,,,lovin' that layered piece for the Graffiti series!
    Such depth,,,great job!

    I wasn't aware of your sketchbook project either,,,maybe I was sleeping, wide awake.

  4. Wow, it's amazing how many layers you are putting together Bea.
    The sketchbook project looks and sounds interesting too! I just love what you are doing!

  5. Love your colors and layers and Happy August!

  6. Thesse are beautiful beautiful beautiful - among my favs of the work you've done that I've seen.

    As for August - me too but this morning I realized I do that to myself every year and then realize I don't have to go back to school in September...and this melancholy may just be one of those old scripts from being a school girl...because SEPTEMBER really still is summer. So - just pretend it's July K?

  7. Wow, beautiful creations.

    Your header is gorgeous, but ENORMOUS.