Saturday, July 03, 2010

You look great......where are your wrinkles?

I'm perplexed. Even Zeus noticed that people greet me with, "You look great! I love your hair."
First words out of their mouths.
So, did I look really terrible before?
Did my hair look that bad before?
Now, we're talking four years since people have seen me.
Did I surprise them by looking fatter, younger, blonder, no grey, or what?
Of course, I realize that folks don't really say what is really on their minds, "Wow, you look fatter and younger."
It's ok, it's not something that I'm going to worry about but it is something I had to ponder over while having my coffee, this morning.

We took a drive to Woods Hole this morning, had our coffee and muffins by the ocean.
The last time I was here and the first time to the Cape, was for James and Caitlin's wedding.
It's certainly beautiful here.
There is something about places that have an older history than say Wisconsin. The streets are narrow, building old but maintained and of course there is the living by the ocean charm.

This morning Zeus whispered in my ear, "As your blog editor you need to get out of bed and take some pictures." Ok, it wasn't a whisper more like a "JAVA, JAVA, JAVA" chant in my ear.

We did stop at a wonderful old graveyard. We read what head stones we could. Lots of Captains, wives and babies. It reminds me of how hard life was for women and birthing in those days.
Besides grave stones I've been taking pictures of stone walls. Gosh, they are beautiful to see. I prefer the rough and tumble looking ones that the farmers piled up on their boundary lines.
Fences are unique here too. Most fences in Wisconsin are for practical purposes or all look like what you can buy at the home store.

We watched the car ferry take off for Martha's Vineyard. We took that the last time we were here and drove all around the Island. I'll pass on a visit this trip.
We're off to the beach this afternoon. Apparently, there is another World Cup game on this morning. I may just take a walk with my camera while the boys watch that one.

Note to not take a shower at night and go to bed with a wet head of hair. It's doing very strange things this morning and for short hair that's saying a lot.

:)Bea Who just loves listening to this Boston accent going on around here.


  1. Ah yes - the wash your short hair at night weirdness in the am syndrome. Know it well!

  2. Love Woods Hole. This time of year the ferry is full of Vineyarder's with their bikes and cars with the roofpacks and kids and french fries for the seagulls. We used to do it every summer. Did you go the library while you were there? I love that library. Very homey. My husband's family is from someplace in Wisconsin. I heard it's beautiful out there. Would love to go someday. Door County maybe?

  3. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. I can't wait to see some pictures! Doesn't matter for me whether I go to bed with a dry or wet head - I always look like I've stood on my head and swished it around all night by morning LOLOLOL

  4. Happy people have far less's true!
    Now dimples...that's another story...too bad mine are on the wrong cheeks :D
    Continue to have fun!

  5. I am so glad to hear from you and by gosh you do look GREAT! Stop trying to figure others is your energetic smile and love of living the life that makes you a young woman. The North East does have many stories to tell and weave... the winters make them all a strong and sturdy population. Enjoy the me they will go way too fast. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. I used to go to Cape Cod ( & Martha's Vineyard & Block Island) a lot... glorious.

  7. Ha ha, I love lisa's comment about her dimples!!

    I've had that comment about me sometimes and had exactly the same thoughts too. did I look so bad before?? lol. I love the photo of you and baby. It's priceless and the one of Zeus. It sounds blissful there. I'd really love to visit. The plant journeys don't sound so good though!