Thursday, July 22, 2010

Through the eyes of the child within.

Murphy and I grabbed the camera, last night and went for a drive. The light was wonderful and it had finally cooled off a tad.
I read all about Miksang on line. I joined the Flicker group. I'll take the workshops when they are in my area because I am curious.

That said, I honestly think that I have been practicing my own version of Miksang. Last year I posted a number of blog posts about viewing the world through the eyes of a child. I know that I've been trying to do that in my daily life, my creative life and certainly behind the lens.

One of the RULES of the Miksang group is that pictures can't be altered in any way. I was rather pleased, lately, when I look at my photos and I'm happy with what I see. I don't feel the need to crop. Other times the picture is off balance or there are distracting things, at the edges that I don't want in my photo. I'm not quite ready to give up that kind of artistic control.

Anywho, I had some fun last night with Murphy and the above link will take you to a few of the photographs I took. I didn't wander to far from my house just down a few favorite back roads.

:)Bea Enjoy and then go CREATE!


  1. Oh, your photos are ALWAYS so creative, can't imagine wanting to at all change your technique.

    I laffed a lot at your "toes up" post, and your Princess. Just love it when we make up their minds for them.

  2. Now those are the type of photographs that I enjoy! Just letting the simple beauty of the world speak for itself.

  3. I feel very aware of the child in your heart...your words...your inspirations...your photos. Tell Murphy that Miss Rosie got her short summer do and she is simply gorgeous! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Lovely photos Bea, as always, you have a "good eye" as I've always said. :) You may want to visit with Tom Spencer. You will love his photos and his Texas garden. I don't know if his photos are considered miksang, but I always felt like many of them were.

  5. I really love that set of photos Bea. What a wonderful light and fantastic blue sky. The building ones are interesting and striking while the flowers are just - wow! I have joined flicker too but haven't uploaded many yet. I must look up that Miksang. I have to be able to straighten and crop I'm afraid.