Saturday, July 31, 2010

Three Dogs vs Hera

We waved goodbye to the Minnesota clan as they drove off. What a wonderful week but Zeus and I were feeling our collective ages. It was to late in the day for a nap and we thought if we took in an early dinner we might make it to a movie. WELL, THAT'S JUST SILLY TALK.

We drove over to our favorite tiny little Chinese restaurant. They don't sell beer but do look the other way when you sneak it in and drink your water and then pour it into your water cup.
Of course, that was a big mistake because after one beer and some good food neither one of us felt like doing anything but going home. A nice float in the pool reading a book and then MI5 on later. What could be nicer?

On the drive to the restaurant we passed a large West Side Medical Complex. I muttered that I needed to switch from my current doctor and find a woman doctor in this complex. I really didn't enjoy driving all the way (probably a 20 minute drive) downtown for my yearly appointments.

Zeus said nothing just grunted.

Still thinking about yearly appointments and such I mentioned that I thought I would probably fix some sort of cut off date.

Zeus: "What are you talking about?"
Hera: "Well, I mean really do I need to have a yearly physical when I reach a certain age? I mean whatever they find, well I'm not sure I want to go through a big hassle to have it fixed."
Zeus: "What the hell are you talking about?"
Hera: " Ok, say I'm 75 why bother with a yearly exam at that age. I'm not sure I really care to live to a ripe old age of 95, in some nursing home."
Zeus: sighing
Hera: "What? You think that's to young to stop seeing a doctor? What? I should stop at 80? 85?
You think I should stop younger, are you nuts, do you really think you can handle three dogs if I'm not around to take care of them?"
Zeus: "I can hire somebody."

I'm sure other couples of their own version of this if I die before you conversation.
For some reason, Zeus is sure that sometimes his life would be better if he just had three dogs.

If we had already eaten I am sure I could blame this faulty thinking on the KungPow.

Zeus seems to feel that three dogs in the car would not bring up these stupid discussions.
He has a point.

:)Bea For Zeus:


  1. My friend's father was 85 - smoked and drank every day. So my friend took him to the doctor, hoping to get him to stop. The doctor said stopping these things now would do more harm than good - so he's 85, loves to smoke and drink - leave him alone, he's having fun.

  2. LOL I love it. Let him enjoy life HIS way at this point in time. My mother, 84 told me her doctor told her to stop eating chocolate. She told him to just shoot her now and called me and asked for a pound of chocolate to be mailed to her. :)Bea

  3. LOL!!!
    Quieter without you for sure...but better??? He's not THAT silly :D
    Congrats on your 1,000th