Friday, July 09, 2010

Take 9 minutes out of your day to watch this video.

I came across this video by Carol Sagan. It moved me and I thought I would give you all the link so you could watch it too. It provokes thought.

I've been thinking about the question of can our art speak us, after we have walked away from it? Can it have meaning beyond the moment that it is created? Does our art make us question the meaning of life?

Over at by Lynne Hoppe's blog she posted a video
by artist,Harry Ally:

Please visit Lynne's blog to see her wonderful artwork. And, if you watch the video there please leave a comment for Lynne. I'm intrigued by this whole thing.

I actually woke up this morning thinking that the only real way my art could speak to me is if it came from the future.

If I woke up one morning and looked in the studio and there was art, created by me, that I didn't remember even working on. I could see myself studying it, wondering why I was so drawn to it, what it had to tell me, why was it even created.

Because, anything that I create today, in this moment, I understand. I know where it is coming from, I know what emotions were behind it's creation. But it's not asking me to question the meaning of life.

I understand this questioning of why we need to create. I understand this need, to have work that answers our questions, longings, hopes, desires, needs and wants. I'm just not sure that we can ever actually have that, in the moment that we are creating something. I think it's a quest that goes on and on and on.

I think like Carl says the quest for knowledge, wisdom, understanding sent us on our journey, out of the garden.

:)Bea Sometimes when I think to long, my hair hurts.

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  1. Carl Sagan's words, along with his wonderful voice, always mesmerized me.