Saturday, July 10, 2010

Snake Bus, wanna ride?

This was an interesting statue in the graveyard at the Cape. It was the only family name Crane in the area. It is quite beautiful and weathered but most unusual.

I'm bushed!

Today was my catch up on my TO DO list for outside. A lot of projects that I usually get done by the 4th but didn't because of our trip.

I hauled the MR. TURTLE sandbox from behind the barn to the yard and Riley and I washed it up. Well, I did the washing and Ms Riley sat in the turtle, sucking on a sponge and giggling.

It's drying now then we will fill it with a bag of play sand. It sits on the lower deck which is made of paving stone so any sand that escapes the turtle just fills in between the paving bricks.

See what a smart cookie I am!

Then I scrubbed my metal statue of two ducks flying up out of the cattails. When that was dry I painted them with a spray paint that looks like stone. Pretty cool. The whole things needs to be reset lower on the pond bank but that's for another list, Zeus's list. I have no problem moving some of my projects over to his side.

Then I trimmed the bushes in the garden around the side of the pool, Variegated Dogwood, Forsythia and a Burning bush. You know it sounds so simple but it required snapping that big cutting tool open and closed which does a number on my wrist, then there is the bending and picking up the cut branches, pulling a stray weed, untangling the vine that seems to have decided to get a strangle hold on the back of the bush, raking up the branches, putting them in the basket, loading the basket on the wagon and driving it to the back lot to dump.

I dumped the branches and was getting back on the lawn tractor when my brain said, "Hey, what's wrong with this picture?" I wish I had my camera. Apparently, the bucket that I picked up had a little snake on the bottom of it and he was joy riding in my wagon. But, when I got back up on the seat I saw he had climbed out of the wagon and was sticking his head through a hole in the side of the wagon.

I took it slow, he kept coming out of the whole, balancing himself in the air and as I neared the prairie I slowed down, up against some tall grasses, he launched himself out of the cart. Who knew I was driving the Snake Bus today.

Riley and I ran through the sprinkler a few times. It's much more fun when Grammy is carrying you. Unfortunately, she now weighs as much as Murphy and she's getting a bit heavy for old Grammybea to haul around.

My plan, as of this moment, is to spend tomorrow ALL DAY in the studio. It just seems like householder chores could keep me occupied forever. I'm going through studio withdrawal.

I hope you are having a wonderful creative day.

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:)Bea Who is going to take a nap and then go for a swim and think creative things.


  1. I hope you get a chance to create instead of working!

  2. You are one busy woman Bea! Hope the snakes don't find the pool!