Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hey Handsome!

We were driving back from the coffee shop, this morning when I spotted this handsome fellow just sitting on someone's lawn. At first I thought he might be a fake but he did turn his head for us.

Justin and family came down for a surprise weekend visit. We've spent all of the time in the pool and goofing around. Everyone is off taking showers and getting dressed for dinner. We are headed out to a new pizza joint.

About six years ago, Zeus and I were sitting on the back deck enjoying a late afternoon snack and we could hear the screams and laughter from a yard, across the field. The children were playing in an above ground pool and I turned to Zeus and told him, if I could bottle that sound and play it all winter I would be so happy. What a great sound and wonderful energy.

Today and yesterday I have had more than a gallon size container of that bottled sound. I just sat in my chair, under the umbrella and smiled as I watched the grandkids play and my daughter and her brother tease each other, in the pool.

I am blessed. I know it and I appreciate it. Today, I watched Hunter,almost 9, who has had an overly healthy respect of water, actually dunked his head, under water.

Trust me when I say, I had my doubts about that ever happening.

Sawyer, the younger brother, almost 5, discarded his water wings and decided to jump into the pool and swim under water.
BIG MILESTONES for both little boys.

Hayden, of course swam around like a fish. I'm not sure she ever really came out of the water until we all came inside to get changed.

Justin and Mary, both having been on swim team when they were younger had races in the pool. I was impressed with Mary's beautiful underwater turn. Justin claims that he let her win. It's what big brother's do, he said.

Riley has been enjoying having her cousins and aunt and uncle here. She just walks around giggling and smiling.

That's the news from Verona where all the folks are water logged and sun kissed and soon to be filled with PIZZA.

:)Bea I hope that your day was wonderful, full of things that made you smile, giggle and maybe even think about creating.


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  2. What a perfect day!
    And because you recognize and apprieciate I am sure you will be blessed with more :)
    Go You!!!

  3. I love your description of the sound of children's laughter. I, too, adore that sound. (Lord help anyone who doesn't.) And the sound of cicada's buzzing and water tripping over rocks in a stream and prop planes passing overhead (less and less these days but it still happens) and the occasional dragonfly buzzing in. I live near the ocean but I'm a country girl at heart. I think you gave me a blog post...

  4. HI HI Janet! BIG SMILE HERE. :)BEa

  5. Teri and Lisa, I had meant to add that sound of children laughing is what inspired Zeus to have our pool built. It was part of his response to the 20 Summers. Got to love that guy. :)Bea

  6. "Summertime, and the livin' is easy."

  7. There's nothing like the sounds of summer. My son in law ( who is going deaf) just got new high dollar hearing aids and he can fianlly hear his 2 year old laugh like he never heard him before. Life is good!

  8. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you...I had a big old owl like that fly right in front of me when I was riding my bike early one morning. Almost ran into him. He was gorgeous, but it sure scared me! Whew!

  9. Oh Bea, how utterly wonderful. I do know what you mean about 'that sound'. Jason's next door neighbours have an outdoor pool and the sound floats across into the garden, it's delightful. How amazing seeing that owl just sitting there! Maybe he'd just eaten a big old mouse!