Monday, July 19, 2010

Good Monday morning to you.

Another hot day. I talked with my mother, down in Florida and she said that the "inmates" of her retirement home were told they couldn't sit outside on the veranda and smoke in this heat and humidity. If they wanted to smoke their cigars they had to sign a release form.

I suppose our ancestors talked about the weather too. It probably meant more to them, certain game would be moving, plants would be producing, etc. Speaking of plants and trees and such my Crab apple trees seemed stressed. We've certainly had a lot of water this spring and summer so I am guessing it's the extreme prolonged heat.

We also had yellow leaves in the pool. Little yellow leaves are drifting down from the edges of the woods. It's way to early for that to be happening.

The Minnesota contingent has returned to the North. What a fun filled PACKED weekend. Last night both Zeus and I were exhausted. A good exhausted but still, almost to tired to even watch tv.

We finally got Riley's new crib and dresser set up in her room. It had been staying with her biological father in his apartment until he moved. Zeus, took apart an old BIG bookcase that he had originally built for his first law office. He built it in two sections so it wouldn't be so heavy to move. He took it apart and we are using the base, which has shelves for Riley's room. It's a great place for her to put her toys. I found a bunch of cute pink baskets at Target that she can store all her toys in.

We were sorting her toys and she had two Elmo dolls. I held them up and said, "Which one should we keep and which one should we give away to another little girl." She just stared at me, grabbed both Elmo's and trundled off to her bedroom. Not quite ready to share Elmo, I guess.

She had so much fun with her cousins. She just studies her older cousin Hayden, follows her around and loves it when she picks her up. Hayden seems to enjoy having a little girl cousin too. She is surrounded by boy cousins up North.

I had two girl cousins that I played with when my parents were married and we visited my mother's brother. It seems that he disapproved of my mother getting a divorce and she didn't see him again, therefore I didn't see my cousins again.
I know my biological father came from a large family but when I was little only his sister had married and had children. I remember a girl that I played with but I was so little it's really just a memory.

I have a memory of her and I running through this full grown field of sunflowers. The flowers were much taller than us and I remember how beautiful they looked against the sky.
There was an hull of an old model T on the property and I remember she and I would climb up in it and pretend to go to far away lands. I also remember that it had a terrible smell, probably something had died under that car.
Her father, built her a play house. I was so jealous. It had curtains and was painted white with pretty blue shutters. She had a little table and chairs so we could have tea parties in it. I wanted to live there forever. It seemed magical.

A few years ago when I reconnected with my biological father, for a short time, I found out that that she had committed suicide when she was an adult and married.

I think I will always remember her running side by side with me through that golden forest of sunflowers.

:)Bea Here's to today, make it count, create something.


  1. Bea, Riley is so fortunate to know her cousins. I have many good childhood memories of mine and some of us remain to gather at family events.
    Love the photo of the umbrella against the beautiful blue sky, btw.

  2. A lovely if poignant post Bea. Our cousins lived on the other side of London and didn't drive (the parents) but we did have occasional get togethers and I always loved them. In both our houses we had a blackboard all along one wall and loved chalking and drawing together. If fine, there were great games in the garden usually involving a hose pipe if it was hot. Good days. Sadly the only boy has terminal cancer and is having experimental chemo at the moment. I always wanted to marry him.

    Little Riley is just gorgeous and I hope she remembers some of her time with her cousins and of course you two.

  3. Having dear cousins to run and play with is such a precious gift to their circle of life. I love the memory of your biological mother. I always told my girls they had three who gave them who fostered them until I arrived ...and one who grew them in my heart...ME! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. I only ever watch the local TV news for the weather - what do I care who got shot and what burned down?

    Weather is the most important day to day thing in our lives. Right now we're having a dreadful heatwave - can't really run around town and keep hoping for a break.

    You're having Monday blues - remembering someone you hardly knew who committed suicide - now that's looking for sadness. A good friend of my mother got killed by an axe murderer years ago - that's looking for an excuse to be sad, too.

  5. Thanks guys! I sent you individual email replies to your comments. I really appreciate you all stopping by. :)Bea

  6. Ye gods I've caught up. Whoopeee!